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You can find Pastry Kicks Online in these retailers below. For the full list of online store and discount coupons check out the Buy Pastry page.

LovePastry Store



 If you just want to look at the collection check out the Pastry Pictures

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59 Responses to “Buy Pastry Kicks Online”

 kawehi  07.21.2010 | 9:46 pm

it would be nice if they were in bigger size

 jaiviana james  08.9.2010 | 10:09 pm

can u make 12 size shoes i have big feet and luv ur shoes so much

 jaiviana james  08.9.2010 | 10:12 pm

i used to wear ur shoes all the time until i grew and had to wear a size 12. and i'm also only 12 years old. i love shoes and love ur shoes so much

 Alfrenique Brown  12.12.2011 | 12:34 pm

please girls am so mad because i never had pastries in my life. my mom and dad or working so hard and plus i need clothes now could you send these shoes to the Bahamas through suzie corner EightMileRock and my mom and is working really hard i don,t have any tennies

 tennesia  12.25.2011 | 5:55 pm

please could u send me one of your pastry i would really love to get one for th

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