Vanessa Simmons in the Miss California USA pageant?

Here’s a snapshot of the Miss California USA 2009 contestants page.

See anyone that looks familiar?

The Miss California USA 2009 pageant was held two days ago in Palm Springs, CA. The winner goes on to the Miss USA 2009 competition in April.

Vanessa Simmons had applied to be a pageant contestant under an alias “Vanessa Jean” (her middle name?). However, Vanessa then withdrew her application, citing schedule conflicts with Pastry Shoes marketing events and movie roles. She told “I will be launching Pastry in the UK that weekend and my obligations as an actress have filled up for next year…I booked another film.” By my count that’s at least 2-3 films under her belt. Good on her!

Donald Trump is Miss USA’s executive producer, and he’s pals with Vanessa’s dad Joseph “Rev Run” Simmons, so the connection to the pageant makes sense. I think Nessa would have done really well, and maybe would even have had an unfair advantage over the other contestants! She’s clearly used to being on camera, she’s done modelling, has had lots of media training and would know how to handle the judges’ interview questions.

I wonder who did win Miss California USA?

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14 Responses to “Vanessa Simmons in the Miss California USA pageant?”

 Allison  11.25.2008 | 6:55 pm

everybody looks good, but since vanessa dropped out , i’ll go with tatiana gomez for the crown

 Dee-Dee  12.14.2008 | 3:22 am

yes she seems like she is going for the gold.

 jasmine  11.26.2008 | 5:10 am

nessa looks the prettiest out of all of them. y she drop out

 Zaina  12.7.2008 | 5:06 am

If vanessa was still in the running….SHE WOULD SO WIN!!!

 Dee-Dee  12.14.2008 | 3:22 am

yes she would she is so pretty!

 aryana  12.8.2008 | 3:04 am

wow that's cool, but why is her pic diff from tha rest, but on tha radio they were sayin that she lost , but she's one of tha best to me , but i dk

 Dee-Dee  12.9.2008 | 5:18 am

She would have did great! But why under her middle name? I guess she wanted to be low key. Can't say I do not blame her.

 Cutiefran123  12.9.2008 | 12:04 pm

awa man nessa could've got it she's so pretty i wonder why bow wow ain't go with her….j/k both are equally pretty

 Khandice  12.9.2008 | 12:13 pm

ii bet iif she stayed in dha contest she wuld have made it ssooooo freakin far may b culdve won but ii bet her movie iz gonna b GREAT!!!!!

 Baybecakes  12.12.2008 | 8:59 am

*20 BONUS COMMENT LOTTERY ENTRIES* Khandice I am loving how you always have a positive, enthusiastic comment for everyone and everything Pastry! You get 20 extra entries into our December Comments Lottery. Good luck!

 MzNovember_Winn  12.9.2008 | 12:19 pm


 marielle  12.14.2008 | 3:17 am

that is a beautiful picture and i think she would of won if she remain in the pageant because she's a versatile person………an her pic really stands out more than the other girls lol

 Dee-Dee  12.14.2008 | 3:21 am

I still say she would have did good in the pageant, I was in one before a baby one and I won amazingly!

 kamilah  12.20.2008 | 3:47 am

o no thats to bad

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