Vanessa and Angela Simmons Photos: London

London Pastry invasion!

Last month, Vanessa and Angela celebrated the launch of Pastry in the UK with a big bash in London…


Centerpiece for Pastry UK Launch party

The cocktail servers were wearing Pastry tees, of course. I haven’t seen that one released. Wonder if they made it just for the party?


Pastry UK launch party cocktail server

V&A looking divine, as always. Lately Nessa seems to favor that short bob that brushes her shoulders, while Ang seems to prefer hers long with bangs. They’re both just gorgeous girls aren’t they? I HATE THEM (lol)


Angela and Vanessa Simmons at Pastry UK launch

Angela and Vanessa Simmons with MTV UK presenter Ricky Haywood Williams. Check the cake, shaped like presents and shoes!


Angela Simmons, Rickie Haywood Williams and Vanessa Simmons

Is it just me or is this picture of the two of them a little creepy… a little too Olsen twins!?!


Vanessa and Angela Simmons at their Pastry launch party in London

Here’s a great shot of their outfits. Vanessa in the strapless bustier, sweater miniskirt and studded belt, and Angela in the jeweled tent dress, purple satin pumps and colorful jewelry. I can’t decide whose outfit I like best…


Who rocked it best?

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21 Responses to “Vanessa and Angela Simmons Photos: London”

 bella honey  12.2.2008 | 4:09 pm

woo i was born in london! 🙂

 LUZ  12.2.2008 | 5:47 pm


 quiera  12.2.2008 | 6:32 pm

i have those wrist bands in blue!

 Courtney J AkA Person  12.2.2008 | 9:43 pm

Angela put to much on because the dress was to popper cuz it had those jewls, so I think she should have left off the bangles and purple shoes.

 Courtney J AkA Person  12.2.2008 | 9:45 pm

Don’t get me wrong those purple shoes are like FIRA

 Miss Sherri  12.2.2008 | 10:04 pm

Neither, but I understand that they are still trying to get into the fashion business. Everything is not a hit. It’s cool.

 Takia  12.3.2008 | 6:13 am

I have that pastry shirt that the cocktail server is wearing but mine is pink. I don’t know if it was released somewhere already or if they were just samples that some people got, but I got it off ebay a while ago.

 pastryslover  12.3.2008 | 6:15 am


 Lake  12.3.2008 | 6:22 pm

angela n vaneessa rocked der outfits

 Baybecakes  12.3.2008 | 11:29 pm

yeah I think they both look good, it’s just different looks

 Zaina  12.7.2008 | 5:01 am

i luv the bottom of the shoes! SO UNIQUE!

 Shazeeda  12.8.2008 | 1:10 am

l0ve these picS! vanessa and angela look gorgeous. and the centerpiece is so fabulous!

 884468  12.8.2008 | 5:39 am

You girls rock and set a great example for people that want to succeed.

 884468  12.8.2008 | 5:40 am

I would say Angela.

 884468  12.8.2008 | 5:41 am

Show off your pastry love.

 Cutiefran123  12.8.2008 | 11:59 am

angie and nessa look gorgeous all the time

 aryana_aka_ari  12.8.2008 | 12:41 pm

i love the shoe arrangments they rso fab!!! n so r angelas shoes

 TwilightLover96  12.10.2008 | 1:08 am

That cake is hawt! I would like to have that as my B-Day cake! I love it, it is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wonder who made it.?And Vanessa and Angela was looking cute too!

 Nillabee  12.10.2008 | 7:06 am

in the very 1st picture shown I figured out it was the cute bottoms of the Pastry Lemon Glam Pie Hitop in London! 😉

 DAISHA  12.17.2008 | 2:19 am


 DAISHA  12.17.2008 | 2:19 am

i <3 pastry………………………………………… brazy (lolxsss)

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