Pastry Blue Cherry Plaid Mini messenger


Pastry Blue Cherry Plaid Mini messenger

Pastry Blue Cherry Plaid Mini messenger

$50 Available only HERE

We know you’ve got places to be. So the Pastry Blue Cherry Plaid Mini Messenger by Vanessa and Angela Simmons is created to be light, comfortable and streamlined so it can go with you anywhere and everywhere.

This product is created with a Velcro closure on front flap and is outfitted with plaid and patent perforated details.

There is also a metal PASTRY emblem on the right portion of the base of the strap. The size is just right to allow user to bring with them school stuffs or makeup kits!

BLUE CHERRY PROPS to SUPERFAN *Glenda* (237 tipstars, 1 extra for being first), SUPERFAN*Allison* (161), SUPERFAN *Aleeza* (119), *Mz. FabCookieRocker* (84), Lil Ma (18) and SUPERFAN *Shazeeda* (116) for all the tipoffs! Let me know if I missed you!

$50 Available only HERE

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56 Responses to “Pastry Blue Cherry Plaid Mini messenger”

 stephanie  12.11.2008 | 4:54 am

what a perfect match to the ever so cute boots! i need some money!!!

 De_Pastry  12.11.2008 | 6:32 am

i need some too cause it is so much pastry stuff i can buy

 Cutiefran123  12.11.2008 | 7:57 am

this purse is adorable…i need sum money 2

 Dee-Dee  12.12.2008 | 3:46 am

rite there with yall bring on da $$$$$

 De_Pastry  12.14.2008 | 6:10 am

everyone needs money for this stuff it is a little too pricey…but im gonna start savin now

 De_Pastry  12.11.2008 | 8:47 am

i could wear it to school with the

 De_Pastry  12.11.2008 | 8:47 am

i could wear it to school with the ice boots

 Alioop  12.11.2008 | 8:51 am

i really am loving this!!!

 RicRic  12.11.2008 | 9:21 am


 De_Pastry  12.11.2008 | 9:48 am

the pink would look hott

 Dee-Dee  12.12.2008 | 3:46 am

ya know it would be fire!

 kikiboo  12.11.2008 | 9:46 am

i like dz because ther ar not alot of plaid bags on pastry or bags with plaid

 De_Pastry  12.11.2008 | 9:49 am

plaid is gonna start comming back if they choose the right pattern

 Dee-Dee  12.12.2008 | 3:46 am

plaid is the new Black?

 Nillabee  12.12.2008 | 3:54 am

Smart 'Cookie' Props to You! PLAID IS THE NEW BLACK THIS SEASON!!

 Dee-Dee  12.12.2008 | 3:57 am

Gee thanks Nillabee!! let me take out all my plaid and rock it hard!

 Nillabee  12.12.2008 | 4:03 am

jang girl, how much plaid you got?! umm, do blankets count for me? LOL

 Dee-Dee  12.12.2008 | 4:29 am

just pants,a skirt and maybe a jacket, lol You kow I am on that punk /scene style merged with hip-hop.

 De_Pastry  12.14.2008 | 6:09 am

that sounds cute…gonna have to get me some

 Nillabee  12.12.2008 | 3:35 am

ya, they are making plaid come out of the woods now! lol

 Dee-Dee  12.11.2008 | 9:56 am

Man I love this bag, Somebody any body get me this 4 christmas!!

 Khandice  12.11.2008 | 10:07 am


 Bre  12.11.2008 | 10:31 am

I like dis bag. I jst asked for the shoes to go with dat bag

 Pastrygal2009  12.11.2008 | 10:39 am

I like dis bag alot

 Kiana  12.11.2008 | 11:46 am

I gotta have this.THe plaid is really fashionable.

 123PASTRY  12.11.2008 | 11:52 am

dis bag is crazy..omg i want it so so bad , my friend told me its suppose to be used as a laptop case but i was liikem ill wear this thing anymore cause its dat cute

 De_Pastry  12.14.2008 | 6:07 am

thats a nice idea…im gonna use that

 Khandice  12.12.2008 | 1:44 am

omg i wuld roq dhis bag wit dha boots 2 skool lyke waddup all day long man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Luz  12.12.2008 | 2:05 am

cute!!! it matches the boots!

 Nillabee  12.12.2008 | 3:34 am

i hate this~ i Love matching stuff & this drives me crazy because such a cute bag ta boot pair!!

 Dee-Dee  12.12.2008 | 3:45 am

I know make ya spend all ya $$

 pastrykicks21  12.12.2008 | 10:00 am

I love dis bag it matches da boots rly good i love da pastry plaid collection

 Cutiefran123  12.14.2008 | 5:05 am

me 2

 marielle  12.13.2008 | 3:09 am

lol the plaid messenger is adorable i would definitely buy this bag because it would match my pastry glam pie in blueberry =]]]

 Babbe Girl  12.13.2008 | 10:33 am

UM I THINK ANGELA and Venessa shold come up with book bags for like middel and high schoolers. I would buy one.

 Babby Girl  12.13.2008 | 10:36 am

I also think they should make belts and jewlery.<3

 Cutiefran123  12.14.2008 | 5:05 am

they will in the future its a section called pastry accesories

 De_Pastry  12.14.2008 | 6:05 am

the belts would be so cute with a pastry logo as the buckle

 JuneBaby  12.13.2008 | 12:39 pm

this is actually really cute. i would wear it.

 PAStRYlUVA  12.14.2008 | 3:58 am


 PAStRY_lUVA  12.14.2008 | 4:09 am

diS bAG iS SOOO CUtE…I SO WANt thiS…

 De_Pastry  12.14.2008 | 6:06 am

remember dont duplicate your comments

 Fr3shKidL3iLa  12.14.2008 | 6:50 am

i love this its so cute i goes with the shoes n da boots its perfect to wear to school n show it off!! lol its awsome

 whosdatgrl87  12.14.2008 | 7:03 am

this is cute. I would rock this with the matching shoes

 Babby Girl  12.14.2008 | 10:09 am

You Know what eles would be cute some underwear and brawl sets.<3 lol

 Babby Girl  12.14.2008 | 10:18 am

and to add to that message wouldnt yall like some cell phone covers. i mean it so hard to find the right cove and angela and venessa make the cutest stuff. I am so glad that they came with the shoes and everything.

 Kiana  12.15.2008 | 2:01 am

man the plaid has really got me going on this bag i love it. and it would go great with the matching sneakers and a longis sweaterthat dont zip……..if you get what i am talking about do you agree /if you dont well srry………….

 MsPastryCrave  12.15.2008 | 4:14 am

I hate the plaid on this but love the design

 Miss_Lakie  12.15.2008 | 4:42 am

i luv it
ders dis 1 shoe dat matches it real gud

 Miss_Lakie  12.15.2008 | 4:45 am

oh yea, duh
it was da Glam Pie Hi in Blue Cherry

 Dee-Dee  12.15.2008 | 5:16 am

EPP! im am sooo goin gaga for this bag! might not have the mula now but ill the next thing you know youll see me with this bag!

 Nillabee  12.15.2008 | 5:20 am

aiight, see, you gotta make a top priority list & prepare $$ for the sale and be like "I'm On It!!" when the time comes : ) he he

 Babby Girl  12.15.2008 | 12:36 pm

this bag is so sexy.Im gona buy it but i need a purple onee two.

 whosdatgrl87  12.16.2008 | 6:05 am

this would be so cute with the glam pie blueberry boots

 kamilah  12.19.2008 | 6:23 am

this wil go well fo school its soo cute

 Kayvona_B  12.30.2008 | 7:42 am

kute i would use it for school

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