Toddler size: Pastry Chocolate Cherry Fab Cookie Hitops

Who can look at a pair of toddler shoes and not say the words “how cute”?  With that who can see Pastry Chocolate Cherry Fab Cookie Hitops and not say how cute?  I sure can’t.  They are fun and ready for your little toddlers fun as well.  With the chocolate wrapped all around the the shoe and cherry added for taste you cannot go wrong.  There is even a bit of mint coloring thrown in for a nicer after taste.  To prevent stomach ache there are peppermint laces.  All of this makes a person want to kiss these shoes.  Wait they already have kisses on the sides to show how much they are loved.  Show your love and get ’em now.

Get ’em at Dr Jays

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One Response to “Toddler size: Pastry Chocolate Cherry Fab Cookie Hitops”

 ren ren  12.13.2008 | 6:03 am

int luk bad…

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