Pastry Store Opening Up In L.A.?

So y’all might have watched the video trailer for Daddy’s Girls , Vanessa and Angela’s spinoff reality series airing January 5.   According to the video, the girls are planning to open their first Pastry store in L.A.

Did they? Are they? Is Angela and Vanessa really going to open up a Pastry Store on the West Coast? Look at this.


This is taken from the footage, a scene where Angela and Vanessa along with their cousin Jessica, scope out an available retail location.


Here’s the Simmons sisters checking out the inside.  History in the making!

Now the question is, does anybody know where exactly this store is?

Is it open? Have you seen it?

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53 Responses to “Pastry Store Opening Up In L.A.?”

 kamilah  12.17.2008 | 10:15 am

this is so cool maybe one day when i go to los angles i can visti there

 kamilah  12.17.2008 | 10:16 am

nilla bee lives in cali i think so she might know were the store is

 JuneBaby  12.17.2008 | 10:30 am

wow they really need to open one where i live

 Alioop  12.17.2008 | 10:32 am

That is so cool, they should so do it!!! And then open one on the east coast!

 Dee-Dee  12.17.2008 | 10:41 am

OMG I heard they r suppose 2 open one here in Houston in the Galleria mall! I so hope it is true!

 Kira  12.19.2008 | 2:47 am

OMG i hope they build one in the galleria!!!

 irvzwifey82507  12.17.2008 | 10:42 am

is there a pastry store in new york?

 Luz  12.17.2008 | 10:58 am


 Kid_K  12.17.2008 | 11:03 am

That Definatly would be tiiight (awesome)…

 nesha_so_ill  12.17.2008 | 11:00 am so jealous..they need to open one by me (unfortanetly i live on the north coast) but make it affordable..but o well i love pastry's!!! and vaness and angela or vanangela as jo jo would say..

 Miss_Lakie  12.18.2008 | 12:01 pm

yea so do i

 884468  12.17.2008 | 11:05 am

Well, if they open up a store in L.A., they should open one in N.Y.C.

 Kid_K  12.17.2008 | 11:01 am

Uh Oh Pastry sisters are steppin' their game up…all the other designer shoes better watch out here comes PASTRY blowin' up the spot…

 Kid_K  12.17.2008 | 11:02 am

Va Va Voom…LOL

 Khandice  12.18.2008 | 1:06 am

i hope so cuz im sooo tired of lukin in diff. stores 4 pastry it wuld b nice 2 have it all rite in 1 store!!!!

 MsPastry  12.18.2008 | 2:21 am

ya i think its true!!! i hope so id go down there just 2 shop 4 pastry…well ill see my fam 2 but pastry first! =) i swear id work for them anyday if they ever opened a pastry store in boston id be the first one asking for an application thats for sure!!! =D

 123PASTRY  12.18.2008 | 3:28 am

a pastry store need to open up down her in bama!!

 Pastrygal2009  12.18.2008 | 4:16 am

I hope do open up a store

 Nillabee  12.18.2008 | 5:10 am

it's crazy, i lived here in cali all my life but only been to LA once as kid~ ain't that a shame! now i know i Got Ta Plan to Go!

 Nillabee  12.18.2008 | 5:11 am

and I'm surprised during these economic hardships that they may be goin' for it! if they do they must be Prosperin' some Pastry!!

 whosdatgrl87  12.18.2008 | 6:07 am

A pastry store!? I die! I die! If this is true make one in every state

 Miss_Lakie  12.18.2008 | 12:01 pm

man i wish i lived in L.A.
i wuld go there evryday
de shuld open 1 in Philly

 LadyJucii  12.18.2008 | 12:44 pm

iz thhere a pastry store in the southside of chicago?

 Shazeeda  12.19.2008 | 2:04 am

wow. if this really does go well, v&a are gonna be as succcessful as ever!

 MsPastryCrave  12.19.2008 | 8:07 am

Well i hope so i will be in L.a all the time

 nonya  06.10.2010 | 2:05 am

wat ev

 RicRic  12.19.2008 | 8:27 am

gettin a store os mad BIG though dats gud 4 dem dat dey wonna boost their sales i dnt blame u gurlz.gud idea very gud.

 pastrykicks21  12.19.2008 | 9:38 am

Im rly wishin I waz in L.A rite about now.

 kikiboo  12.20.2008 | 3:27 am

that wuld be good for the la pplz

 Khandice  12.22.2008 | 8:58 am

i hope so cuz id live on la but i kno itz gonna b big which means pastry shoe stores openin everywhere!!!!!

 Kayvona_B  12.30.2008 | 7:41 am

that b tooo hott, im tryin 2 go to L.A. for spring break so i hope they open it by then

 Lady Bugg  01.21.2009 | 3:37 am

Where in LA is the store located at? I would luv 2personally go 2their LA location N buy their products.

I’m so happy N proud of the Simmons girls success!

 shae  01.28.2009 | 10:12 pm

could you build one in b-more

 Tiffani  02.5.2009 | 12:51 am

where is the damn store located? I watch the show, have theshoes, and want to come to the store.

 baybecakes  02.5.2009 | 8:02 pm

ME TOO! No one seems to know where this Pastry store is!

 JOSETTE  02.11.2009 | 6:49 am


 Lauren  02.13.2009 | 10:40 pm

where is this dang store?!?!?!?! LOL

 GIGI  03.16.2009 | 7:59 am


 Renee  05.18.2009 | 5:30 pm

I wish them the best it must be hard biulsing a buisness from the ground up. But the good thing is that they have there daddys love and support that means the most. I also go to my dad for advise….

 Jasmine  05.31.2009 | 6:34 pm

Where the store location at???

 jeanette  06.18.2009 | 3:12 am

where in los angeles is the store located at

 earl hudson  06.17.2009 | 8:47 pm

Where is your store????

 Evizzle  06.26.2009 | 5:32 am

so, where is the store? is it open?

 PastryIsTWIR  06.26.2009 | 10:13 pm

we dont got a Pastry Store in my area but we got stores that carry Pastry such as Winners and footlocker so i'm pretty good

 vivian  07.14.2009 | 7:15 pm

thats so cool i wish i had the address so i could go there please let me find out soon!!!!!!! XD

 david pelaez  08.13.2009 | 7:05 pm

Angela & Vanessa We have a delicious and cute idea for the store! My wife Debbie and I are starting up a business of our own and like what you ladies are doing. Looking forward to meeting you in the next month or so.

David Pelaez
Moorpark CA

 amani  09.19.2009 | 9:25 pm

im going to california 2maro. does anybody kno exactly where the store is?

 babyballer  09.22.2009 | 8:19 am

i want a job

 aerosmith  12.30.2009 | 2:47 am

this store is in hollywood. it is empty the adress is 7223 w. Beverly blvd. los angeles ca 90036

 Lexi  06.3.2010 | 4:40 pm

Pastrys are awesome! Have they ever had neon inspired sneaks?? hehe….I would love to go to L.A. to the actual store!!

 Lilly  11.9.2010 | 5:36 pm

They need to open some stores in flordia -_- and Canada

 gisellegodinez  05.8.2011 | 4:10 pm

is there rellay a store n la in if it is where is it.ireally want too goo:)

 pastrygirl101  06.25.2011 | 8:32 am

I live 9 hours away, hope I can go!!! love pastry shoes!

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