Pastry Blue Layer Cake Cinch Sack

Finally a nylon bag with style.  The variations of blue on this Layer Cake Cinch Sack is really inspiring.  Especially in this time of year when everything is a dark color to keep warm with.  It is nice to see a light and airy color.  They say, well it could just be myth, but they say that all the bland dark colors of the winter season is what makes people so depressed.  So to keep from getting the blues maybe we should start carrying some blues.  The Pastry Blue Layer Cake Cinch Sack is a good place to start.  Don’t forget to cinch up the blue silk cords to keep from losing your goodies while you are running about with glee.

Get them at the Finish Line

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One Response to “Pastry Blue Layer Cake Cinch Sack”

 ren ren  12.21.2008 | 2:27 am

it luk nice…..

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