Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to Pastry Shoes Fans

Merry Christmas and happy holidays, to all the Pastry Shoes fans around the world!

It’s a small world after all… comment below on what city/state/country you’re representing as a Pastry Shoes fan!

And don’t forget about our Pastry Comments Lottery contest… ending in 5 days!

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34 Responses to “Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to Pastry Shoes Fans”

 Kid_K  12.25.2008 | 1:45 am

Merry Christmas!!!…I'm reppin' Moultrie, Ga…all day everyday…Hope everyone got what they wanted (smile here)

 pastrykicks21  12.25.2008 | 3:29 am

Merry Christmas everyone im reppin da small lil middle of nowhere town on Danese, West Virginia

 JADE123  12.25.2008 | 4:24 am


 kamilah  12.25.2008 | 7:20 am

that was miriah one she was youngeri love her music i didnt get any pastry stuff for christmas but my mom wanted to get me a pastry cinch bag .im kamilah from whibty canada i was living in gerogia but i moved to canada

 De_Pastry  12.28.2008 | 3:23 am

far move i bet you miss georgia

 kamilah  12.28.2008 | 6:36 am

o yea lol im gonna go back to mobe there in june

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 JuneBaby  12.25.2008 | 8:22 am

Merry Christmas Everyone……. Im reppin Accokeek, Maryland….. I hope everyone enjoys the holidays

 Nillabee  12.25.2008 | 8:37 am

Merry Christmas & Blessed Holidays Pastry Galz!

 aryana  12.25.2008 | 9:09 am

Merry chrisrmas ..n i'm reppib Bainbridge, Ga!!!!!!

 aryana  12.25.2008 | 9:09 am

i mean merry christmas

 marielle  12.26.2008 | 1:05 am

mariah's voice is very inspirational along with her songs. This is one of my favorite christmas carol because her voice really plays a big part in her singing.

 De_Pastry  12.28.2008 | 3:25 am

i love chris brown this christmas song

 Alioop  12.26.2008 | 1:33 am

Merry Christmas everyone, I'm repping Brookhaven, PA!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Khandice  12.26.2008 | 2:42 am

i luv mariah carey mii cuzo waz named mariah bcuz of ha & i luv dhis song MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!

 irvzwifey82507  12.26.2008 | 3:35 am

I heard this song when I was christmas shopping.

 Luz  12.26.2008 | 4:15 am

Merry Christmas!!
im representing Reading,Pa

 MsPastry  12.26.2008 | 9:43 am

happy holidays!! im reppin Boston,MA!!!

 MsPastry  12.26.2008 | 9:44 am

omg i loooove this song i always be singing it in the mall when it comes up i love her voice 😉

 Dee-Dee  12.27.2008 | 3:49 am

Me 2!

 baybecakes  12.26.2008 | 12:34 pm

Merry Christmas girls! I'm repping San Francisco, CA!

 irvzwifey82507  12.26.2008 | 3:34 am

merry christmas!!! I'm reppin the Bronx, NY!!!

 Alexa  01.1.2009 | 3:09 am

Same here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO BRONX!!!!

 Dee-Dee  12.27.2008 | 3:49 am

Merry Christamas n happy New Year all I am reppin Houston -Screwston, Texas yall ain't ready lol, J/K

 pastryshoes#1fan  12.27.2008 | 7:06 am

im reppin south carolina and hoping everybody got wut they wanted merry christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Miss_Lakie  12.28.2008 | 2:46 am

Thanks Baybe Cakes, I never saw her video before, let alone knew she sang that song. But Merry belated Christmas yall and a Happy New Year. Yall know what I do and where I rep, but for those how don't know, I rep Coatesville, Pennsylvania, but I was born in Phillyy.

 De_Pastry  12.28.2008 | 3:25 am

philly cheese steak

 Cutiefran123  12.28.2008 | 3:26 am

never saw this video

 Cutiefran123  12.28.2008 | 3:26 am

this song never gets old

 Cutiefran123  12.28.2008 | 3:26 am

i hear it evry christmas

 Cutiefran123  12.28.2008 | 3:26 am

im from cincinnati ohio

 the.misz  12.28.2008 | 3:49 am

i could listen to this even if it wasn't christmas ! hahaha
i'm brianna from the fort [ ft. smith ] arkansas .

 Kayvona_B  12.30.2008 | 7:14 am

Reppin 4 Minneapolis, Mn. Happy New Year Yall!!!!!!

 Alexa  01.1.2009 | 3:07 am

I'm Alexa from NEW YORKKKKK!!!! lol. Happy New Year everybody! 🙂

 Miss_Lakie  01.1.2009 | 3:38 am

Mariah looks really young and pretty. I love her songs! She married and happy and rich! Go Mariah and Nick!

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