Super Perf Hobo in Espresso by Pastry


Super Perf Hobo in Espresso

Super Perf Hobo in Espresso

Super Perf Hobo in Espresso

Super Perf Hobo in Espresso

Vanessa and Angela Simmons keep on rollin’ out the hits. This time, it’s the Supra Perf Hobo in a delish shade of Espresso.

But if you wear this bag with an even edgier outfit that’s biker chick inspired, then you’ll take mouthwatering to new heights.

You’ll be a walking, breathing tasty-licious woman that’s ready to rock and roll. But you can also wear this bag with feminine and frilly pieces in order to toughen up your whole look. Or on nights when you just want to party and you cannot be bothered with what to wear, then just slip on this bag in order to add instant cool to your look.

With Pastry, you can never do wrong fashion-wise…

ESPRESSO  PROPS to SUPERFAN *Allison* (178, 1 extra for being first!) and Kenya (44) for the tipoff!

$40. Available only HERE

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29 Responses to “Super Perf Hobo in Espresso by Pastry”

 Miss_Lakie  12.27.2008 | 7:29 pm

this purse is hot! but it loks like one of the otha bags in the pastry collection, hhmmmm…………..oh yeah it looks like the Pastry Supra Perf Large Satchel in Espresso, exactly like it.

 Kid_K  12.27.2008 | 7:22 pm

I think they have the same layout, but the bags are a diffrent shape…

 De_Pastry  12.28.2008 | 12:47 pm

also the rasberry glam pie shoes go with this and the espressos

 irvzwifey82507  12.27.2008 | 7:51 pm

OMG they match the Glam PIE Ice BOOT IN STRAWBERRY

 marielle  12.27.2008 | 8:10 pm

this bag is awesomelicious lol and its the perfect size hobo handbag……..the colors really work well on the bag.

 De_Pastry  12.27.2008 | 8:16 pm

the staps are too long…but it is cute

 De_Pastry  12.27.2008 | 8:16 pm

the staps are too long…but it is cute…the colors go will together

 Kid_K  12.28.2008 | 7:24 am

they are kinda long, and they dont have an adjusting strap if you want to shorten it…

 Cutiefran123  12.27.2008 | 8:21 pm

i'm not really into long straps

 Kid_K  12.27.2008 | 7:26 pm

me either, because I like wearing my purse on my wrist sometimes…If it's too long I won't look as FAB! as I could be if the strap was shorter…LOL

 irvzwifey82507  12.27.2008 | 7:52 pm

I LOVE LOng strapz. cuz i get to carry the bag on my shoulder. i hate carrying it with just my hand because someone could grab it.

 Cutiefran123  12.27.2008 | 8:21 pm

i luv this purse though its awesome

 shopahlic  12.28.2008 | 12:51 am

im srry but thats just not cute

 Khandice  12.28.2008 | 1:51 am

dhis iz supa cute u gotta turn in2 ur own style but its cute i wuld wear 4sho!!!!

 pastrykicks21  12.28.2008 | 2:31 am

dis purse is really cute n it matches alot of da shoes

 Kid_K  12.28.2008 | 5:48 am

this purse is CUTE!!!…seems very roomy (as in I could fit alot of things in it)

 irvzwifey82507  12.28.2008 | 7:52 am

yup!!! like school books.

 Kiana  12.28.2008 | 10:54 am

I like the colors with the gold dot like on top………..

 De_Pastry  12.28.2008 | 12:47 pm

this is cute and the colors go well together…but the straps are so long for me…the shoes are cute too

 shopahlic  12.28.2008 | 12:51 pm

not for me

 Alioop  12.28.2008 | 2:55 pm

This is cute, but I want a shorter strap!

 marielle  12.28.2008 | 7:15 pm

this perf hobo is really cute and its easy to match with those colors…..this is definitely one of those" whoa" got to get bags lol

 MsPastry  12.28.2008 | 7:57 pm

i like it but the only thing is that the way the strap is designed on the purse 2 me feels like it doesnt go with the design of the purse itself it looks like it should be a small tote or somethin but i still like it

 Dee-Dee  12.29.2008 | 12:22 am

It matches with my shoes!

 Miss_Lakie  12.30.2008 | 11:06 am

Baybe Cakes, I commented to this, and it had a reply, but why isn't it on here. That's really messed up, like for real.

 Kayvona_B  12.30.2008 | 12:06 pm

Its kute but idk i dont thank i'd buy it

 JuneBaby  12.30.2008 | 5:19 pm

Not bad. I have a friend who would like this purse

 Nillabee  12.30.2008 | 11:10 pm

Cute but if you look closely at the design of the purse view alittle sexy linger goin' on!

 RicRic  01.4.2009 | 9:19 am


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