Vanessa and Angela Simmons Talk About Their New Lives

You know, I sometimes feel that I gush too much about the Simmons sisters. Friends tell me that Vanessa and Angela Simmons are too goody-goody for television and not as fun to watch compared to other starlets out there.

Well, I think the sisters remind me of much simpler times, you know… when there are things called ‘school’, ‘curfew’ and ‘discipline’. They restored my belief system that kids don’t have to turn spoiled and only know how to party.

In their most recent interview with, Vanessa and Angela talks about how blessed they are to have an opportunity to expand the Pastry Shoes business to the west coast.


V also noted that living with the Simmons name and all the privileges that go with it actually makes her determined to push herself more so that she doesn’t just become ‘good’ but spectacular.

On love lives of the two sisters, Vanessa is apparently more private than her sister Angela, who has been photographed out and about with her beaus.

Speaking of Angela, she said something that makes me wonder how much of Daddy’s Girls is reality and how much is well, for TV. She says:

[The show] is like 25 percent of my life but it’s all real. The cameras do stop rolling and we go on, but the show is really real. It’s our real friends and the things we go through. Girls just want to have fun!

Riiiiggghhtt. That explains the curiously similar apartment to Lauren Conrad’s in The Hills. I’m dying to know what really goes on when the cameras stop rolling!  You can read the full interview here.

If you could take a sneak peek at V&A’s lives, the parts that are NOT on TV, what would you really want to know more about them?

You get a sneak peek into V&A's off-camera lives. What would you be most interested in?

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9 Responses to “Vanessa and Angela Simmons Talk About Their New Lives”

 Kid_K  01.10.2009 | 3:40 am

yeah, I read that interview a few days ago…I think when they're off camera they are more free to say and do whatever they want, but on-camera they have to be seen as role models…but the show is still SWEET and GIRLY…luv it!

 Kayvona_B  01.10.2009 | 8:29 pm

Angela and Vanessa being "goody goody" is the main reason i love them n look up to them so much. My friends say that i'm "goody goody" becuz i dont go out and party or do thangs like that but that doesnt mean im not fun, just like Angela n Vanessa, they are so goofy and their family is too, im sure they b havin 2 much fun. Im glad that they arent all rowdy and wild like other young celebs. Its great to have 2 young black women that i can look up to as a young black girl. we need more "goody goody" celebs like them, cuz i'd much rather be like them than be like some of these other celebs out there. Angela and Vanessa are wonderful role models and i one day hope that i can achieve the thangs that they have!

 De_Pastry  01.12.2009 | 12:23 am

they say im goody-goody too

 Nillabee  01.10.2009 | 11:12 pm

I voted: Their business secrets! I wanna know how I can be a successful businesswoman too!!

 Nillabee  01.10.2009 | 11:12 pm

I voted: Their business secrets! I wanna know how I can be a successful businesswoman too! I'm Cravin' that Entrepreneur Intellect!! lol

 READ BAYBE CAKES  01.11.2009 | 9:42 pm

baybe cakes its dolly… do you know the url to the pastry kicks forumz?… I haven't been on there in a minute and the pastry kicks site doesn't have it up anymore

 Kayvona_B  01.12.2009 | 12:49 am
 De_Pastry  01.14.2009 | 2:50 pm

hope you have fun filming…keep making the shows interesting…hope there are more seasons to come

 neolado  07.15.2011 | 12:55 pm

Omg.. Venessa n Angela very much. Its quite amazing how sisters share a really great chemistry together. it’s so unfortunet I real name Fanta Neta Fevereiro 16 years young and don’t share that bond with my sister who is 12 years old. You guys are so inspirational.. I mean in the simmons family is really inspirational. Especially Diggy!! I love him very much and his music is killing the waves.. #1 jetsetter lol.. Venessa n Angela…. I love you both and Miley.. Wow she really grown!!! 🙂

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