Pastry Choco Berry Fab Cookie Hitops


Now these are a shoe for everyday coolness.  Getting around in the muddy streets of town won’t freak us out and worry us in these.  Okay maybe it will but at least we will look cool doing it.  Silver sprinkles on the ankle and toe make for some precious shine, along with the silver netting to help us net some fun.  With some added pink and yellow for a bit more of the girly look you will have a fashionable good time that is for sure.  They even come in Preschool and Toddler size so every girl no matter how small can have a taste of the good stuff.

Get your Fab on at the Finish Line

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2 Responses to “Pastry Choco Berry Fab Cookie Hitops”

 Te’ara Rogers  02.3.2009 | 8:17 pm

dem nice..

 Rina  02.3.2009 | 11:54 pm

definetely cute.

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