Simmons Sisters vs. The Parents

Landing Daddy’s Girls, a spin-off from “Run’s House”, and moving to the City of Angels to take care of business were all huge steps for Pastry entrepreneurs Vanessa and Angela Simmons.

Were they trying to get out of their parents’ house, to break away from Rev Run and stepmom Justine¬† and do their own thing?

According to V&A, they wanted to be independent, but they certainly weren’t running from parental pressure. In fact, there’s nothing in the world they’d hide from their parents.¬† Well, at least that’s what they say in this interview.

In my case, I told my mom everything about my relationships. But when it came to dad, I used to kinda hide stuff about boys. He’d get all weird and snappy for no reason. So I only went to him about school dilemmas, what subjects to take, how to deal with bullies blah blah.

What about you?

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One Response to “Simmons Sisters vs. The Parents”

 Ashlii  02.9.2009 | 2:57 am

Yea i tell ma mom pretty much everything but ma popz i barely even talk to……

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