Blueberry Glam Pie Ice Boots by Pastry


The Blueberry Glam Pie Ice Boot at first glance looks like a typical boot.  look again and you see a boot for the most fashionable girls in the world.  Vanessa and Angela Simmons have taken our favorite Hitops and transformed them into boots for a winter look that pleases us all.  The plaid on top not only looks fab, but makes for added comfort on our calves.  We all know how much we need that.  Our days are stressful enough without an uncomfortable boot.  So see to it that you get a comfortable winter and get these right away. has your winter gear

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3 Responses to “Blueberry Glam Pie Ice Boots by Pastry”

 POPPIN_BIG_GIRL!!!  02.13.2009 | 3:53 am

i luv dem they are so klean

 Te’ara Rogers  02.13.2009 | 8:14 pm

dem fly den a mug and they so cute

 pastry chick  02.26.2009 | 10:54 pm

~those are sexy as hell~

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