Daddy’s Girls Season 1: Chock Full of Pastry

So Daddy’s Girls has ended its first season on MTV after only 6 episodes.  To tell you the truth, I’m kinda bummed because there’d be more.  But Vanessa and Angela Simmons have assured their fans that Daddy’s Girls will return for its second season very soon.

Here’s my favorite Pastry gears featured on Daddy’s Girls.

Random thought: have you noticed that Jessica always comes up with a witty one-liner in every episode?


Vanessa in a I Cupcake Heart Pastry Tee

Anybody remember this shirt?

It’s from episode 1, when Angela dragged Vanessa, Jess and Alycia up onto a hill overlooking LA and she faked throwing away TK’s ring.

Jessica’s most memorable quote in this episode was: “He sounds like a sound effect, Schwee!” when referring to Angela’s blind date. LOL!

On episode 2, I fell in love with that diamond Hello Kitty medallion worn by Jessica.  I know it’s not exactly a Pastry product, but it’s related: it comes from Kimora Lee Simmons aka Vanessa and Angela’s ex-auntie,  for Kimora’s fine jewelry line Hello Kitty by Simmons Jewelry.


Okay, back to Pastryland. Check this tee worn by Angela at the end of episode 2. It looks so laid back but the way she wears it is still stylin’. It’s a takeoff of Run DMC’s logo.


She was talking in alien language to annoy Nessa which worked. Another funny Jessica quote in this episode would be when Jess tries to convince Alycia that seeing Skinny Pants again wasn’t a good idea: “Follow your mind ‘coz your heart’s kinda dumb!” LOL!!!

In episode 3, my all-time favorite Pastry gear was that cute mini dress / top worn by Jessica when she showed Vanessa and Angela the new Pastry office on the West Coast.


Jessica quips when pushing her ‘bosses’ V&A for a company car: “Aston Martin, that’s a cool company car for a fly company!”  Well she got the Mercedes-Benz at the end, so if you’re ever trying to talk Vanessa or Angela Simmons into something, wittiness works.

Moving on to episode 4.  I don’t think I have any Pastry gear favorites from this episode because I was way too distracted by Angela’s biker-chick getup (which in my opinion was waaay to stage-y).  But I think this is one of the funniest episodes.  Here’s Angela’s expression when she was busted by Rev Run in the bike shop.


In this episode, Rev. Run shows why we love him when he busted Angela: “Come on let’s eat and think about this, maybe get you a tricycle…”

On to episode 5, I LOVE Lynn’s Pastry swagger here.  This is a scene where she helped Jessica (along with Alycia), in finding an assistant for the Simmons sisters. Off the shoulder cutoff shirt, so 80’s Flashdance.


I think the only office in America which would allow this kind of getup is the Pastry office. I also love the stuff showcased by Angela and Vanessa on their presentation to the Pastry buyers.


That’s Lynn’s Fab Cookie Hoodie, Alycia’s Berry Smoothie and Jessica’s Delight Suit.  Lovely ladies.

My favorite Jessica quote in this episode would be when she saw Juicy warming up to Tony, the assistant candidate:  “I don’t know if you’ve got beef jerky in your pocket…” LOL! She’s so funny even when she’s freaked out.

And from the season finale, I’m lovin’ Vanessa’s Pastry nameplate necklace…


Jessica funky yellow hoodie…


That dress on the mannequin (and the scarf too!)…


And finally, I bet most of you missed this one.  See, when the girls were checking their new house, the real estate agents took them to the roof top and this is the opening to the rooftop scene.  I saw Jessica’s back and thought: WOW that’s some HOT Pastry.  Check it out.


My favorite Jessica quote from this episode:  “This is how we’ll guarantee it, guys. A good luck charm” and  she invited everybody to slap her booty.

So here’s my questions for y’all.

1.  What’s your favorite episode and why?
2.  Which Pastry gear are you after from the whole season?
3.  Who’s your favorite TV personality in Daddy’s Girls?

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10 Responses to “Daddy’s Girls Season 1: Chock Full of Pastry”

 Ashlii  02.26.2009 | 10:51 pm

1.I loved all da episodes!
2.I Loved the pastry delight sneakers and all der new stuff comin out

 PASTRY GURL  02.26.2009 | 11:18 pm


 pastrykicks561  02.26.2009 | 11:53 pm


 Luz  02.27.2009 | 12:08 am

1. i think my fav episode has to be when they where searching 4 alycia n got played…but thatz not why!!!
because at the very beginning angela said bout her friend in outter space named chamula from chackle in savitha!
i love that line! lolz
oh and the PASTRY PARTY ohhh wait and the motorcyle 1! lol


3. Angela and Jess they remind me of eachother!

 Shazeeda  02.27.2009 | 10:01 pm

1. Love all of them
2. Pastry Nameplate necklace (so kute)
3. I Love JEss!!

 Pastry  02.28.2009 | 4:10 pm

1.Jess is so funny with the booty thang.2.She is booty.3.I am getting a booty like her.LOL!!

 rebecca  06.29.2009 | 11:46 pm

the large hello kitty necklace its not on the kimora website how do i buy it?

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 Shalom  12.26.2009 | 10:19 am

I love all the episodes too! i hope you guys come back for a 3 4 5 6 and 7th season. Peace

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