Are they authentic Pastry Shoes??

Pastry detective strikes again!  Props to Superfan Allison who sent this rather curious picture of a pair of Pastry shoe she found on the internet.  Like Allison, I’ve never seen this kind of Pastry before.  Take a look:


It’s got the famous Pastry logo on the side soles and another Pastry label on the sides of body and on the tongue.  I wish I could see the bottom of the soles.  I kinda like the silver metallic thing they have goin’ on with the geometric triangles, and I also like the front part of the soles which are metallics… but I don’t know about the laces.  Liking the blue, silver and white colorings with a dash of pink lining, and I’m guessing they have pink soles as well.  That’s what I’m saying, I like ’em but not crazy over ’em.

So, Pastryheads, I have a few questions for you regarding these mystery shoes:

1.  Do you think they’re real?
2.  If you do, have you seen them anywhere?  What are they called?
3.  If they’re new and still nameless, what would you name ’em?
4.  Worst case scenario: if they’re fake, would you still get ’em?

SUPERFAN *Allison* gets an extra 5 tipstars (244) for the tipoff!

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10 Responses to “Are they authentic Pastry Shoes??”

 Ashlii  03.28.2009 | 7:54 am

Idk if their fake but they iight i guess i dont think i would buy them though…..

 Allison  03.28.2009 | 8:01 am

They are ok, the only thing I like about them, is the geometric design, and they might be related to the secret sundae hitops, because they also have geometric print…
I don't think they are fake though, they just probably weren't released yet

 Danielle  03.28.2009 | 8:22 am

I have seen them before but I don't know the name

 ~*J.Baby*~  03.28.2009 | 12:03 pm


 PastryYvana  03.28.2009 | 12:07 pm

I Think they're real. But I've never ever seen them i my life! Allison Has The Best searching eyes.

 Luz  03.28.2009 | 2:14 pm

hmmmm im not sure…probley are real though because there has been a lot of pastrys that havnt been realeased but in stores they have

 Luz  03.29.2009 | 5:40 am

oh and they are kinda cute!..they remind me of bowling shoes!….and i was thinkng last time i went bowling they should make some pastry bowling shoes lolz

 kamilah  03.29.2009 | 5:43 pm

there pretty sick

 MsPastry  03.30.2009 | 8:46 am

i think they are real i think ive seen them on ebay b4 u can usually find their sneakers that arent out yet there like the ones that are out now i frist seen them on ebay then they popped out

 Tishana  05.31.2009 | 3:48 pm

I haven't seen them before, but I think they're real. If they are real, I would call them "Sweet Berry Secret Souffle" because they're secret, mysterious, and I just made the name up. I probably wouldn't buy them, but they're kinda cute though.

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