Pastry White-Blue Zipper Fab Cookie Hitops



Pastry White-Blue Zipper Fab Cookie Hitops

$69.99. Available only HERE

This brand new style is a takeoff of the wildly popular Boysenberry Fab Cookie hitops that came out as part of the first Pastry Hightops collection in 2007. They’ve been updated with a zipper and a basketweave print on the side panels. I loved the Boysenberrys, but I’m not really feeling these as much for some reason. It might just be me though.  Fashion Style Grade: B-

Pastry White-Blue Zipper Fab Cookie Hitops feature:

  • Patent leather in White, Blue, and Silver
  • Basket weave design on the sides for a relaxed look
  • A zipper closure with the option of lacing up

Colors: White, Blue, Silver

ZIP IT UP PROPS to  SUPERFAN *Glenda* (369, one extra for being first), SUPERFAN *Aleeza* (179), SUPERFAN *Shazeeda* (131) and SUPERFAN *Allison* (259) for the tipoffs!

$69.99. Available only HERE

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7 Responses to “Pastry White-Blue Zipper Fab Cookie Hitops”

 Allison  04.16.2009 | 4:26 pm

i kinda like these, i tipped you on them!

 pastrykicks561  04.17.2009 | 12:08 am


 bookluver  04.17.2009 | 3:05 pm

i like dem.

 pastrykicks21  04.19.2009 | 6:50 pm

i like em but da boysenberrys just had a sparkle to em or sumthin

 tyra  04.20.2009 | 4:58 pm

these are hot

 rhaps  05.23.2009 | 6:40 am

Plain as a Morning rain

 Blueheart79  06.1.2009 | 8:53 pm

I think, oh lets be honest they are boring

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