Pastry Fun Stuff: Shoe Facts!


I think if you Pastryheads keep coming back to this site, you must like Pastry shoes, or just shoes, even for just a bit.  Well have you ever tried to ask yourselves: “What do I know about shoes?”  If you have, ask again ‘coz I’ve got some seriously weird and superstitious facts about shoes.  Remember, this is just for fun, people!

Here we go:

1.  We normally throw away old shoes, right?  Well, the very superstitious people keep their old smelly shoes to guard them from bad luck when the calendar hits Friday the 13th.  No kidding.  They believe that old shoes can protect them from having bad luck on that exact date!

2.  In some parts of Asia, people leave a pair of their shoes on their front door whenever they’re about to go away for a trip.  It’s believed that if they do this, they’ll come home feeling happy and refreshed.  Well I tell you, I won’t leave my Pastry kicks lying around in front of my door.  They’re too precious!

3.  Even until today, people still believe to wear old clothes and especially shoes to funerals.  It’s said to be more appropriate that way than to wear flashy new shoes for the sad occasion.  This kinda makes sense to me.

4.  My mom used to say that if you wanna be rich, you should wear your shoes until they’re worn out (or as she put it, “Until they’re torn”).  I didn’t see the connection when I was a kid, but now I realized that she was only trying to teach me to be sensible and not indulge myself not just in shoes but in anything.  But now I’m earning my own money and I can get any Pastry kicks I want! LOL!

5.  Some people also believe that putting a shoe under their bed will avoid them having nightmares.  My simple logic tells me that it’s gotta be a rather smelly shoes to scare the monsters under the bed. LOL!  But will try tonight, though.

6.  Now this one is for you Pastry fans.  You know those irritating moments when your Pastry shoelaces become undone without no apparent cause?  Don’t ever cuss because that means somebody you like (and probably destined to marry) is thinking about you at that exact moment! Believe it? No? Your call.

7.  Make sure your shoes are kept properly.  If you see a shoe with the sole facing up, turn it over to its normal position, because upward soles means trouble will come. Also, they say not to wear a NEW pair of shoes on Christmas day ‘coz it will bring bad luck.  Well my solution would be, get myself a pair of fab Pastry shoes a month before Christmas! LOL LOL

8.  Have any of you been asked to be a bridesmaid?  Well if you’re asked, make sure you tie a shoe behind the wedding car (along with the rattling cans and ribbons) ‘coz it’s said to bring you a husband.  I strongly suggest this for those who are shy -or too proud- to join in catching the bride’s bouquet.  And if you’re a bridesmaid, make sure you slip a coin inside the bride’s shoes.  The British believes this will bring wealth for the newlyweds.

So have you got any experiences related to the facts, Pastry Fans?  Or do you have your own shoe fact?  Dish!

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3 Responses to “Pastry Fun Stuff: Shoe Facts!”

 rhaps  05.16.2009 | 12:06 am

Okay gotta love the shoe pic LOL some of this stuff is out there, but is fun to read for sure

 jojo  06.5.2009 | 8:57 pm

ilove pastry

 anonymous  12.9.2011 | 10:30 am

i luuuuuuuuuuuuuuurv it!

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