Pastry Blueberry Ice Glam Cinch



Pastry Blueberry Ice Glam Cinch

$19.99 Available only HERE

This bag could be useful on wet rainy days.  Seattle dwellers here’s your cinch sack.  It’s a little plain for me but however at a price like this I might have to pick it up!

Fashion Style Grade: ???

Pastry Blueberry Ice Glam Cinch features:

  • Blueberry Ice in vinyl material
  • White silk cinch cords

Colors: Blue, White

ICY PROPS to SUPERFAN *Allison* (278, 1 extra for being first) for the tipoffs!

$19.99 Available only HERE

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One Response to “Pastry Blueberry Ice Glam Cinch”

 rhaps  05.12.2009 | 4:03 am

Wow looks like something u'd use to put groceries in.

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