The Simmons Sisters’ New LA Home


Okay Pastryheads a.k.a. Daddy’s Girls fans, remember the last episode of Daddy’s Girls season 1 where the Simmons sisters finally found their L.A. crib?  You might also remember cousin Jessica invited everybody to guarantee the house with lucky booty slaps. Looks like the booty slaps worked like a charm. Even though they said they were going to buy the place, the sisters have instead leased a Beverly Hills mansion.

Here’s the house from an aerial view.


Vanessa and Angela are definitely in for a luxurious residence.  The house which was built in 1961,  sits on a 1.6-acre land and has six bedrooms and five bathrooms in about 6,000 square feet of living space.  Think that’s big enough for V&A? OMG, they’ll have to call to find each other in the house.

That’s not all Pastryheads, they will also enjoy high ceilings, a see-through fireplace (I bet Diggy will love this when he comes to visit) and canyon and mountain views. The price tag? $10,000 per month.

The rent is kinda crazy, but word is, they’ll be living there while shooting the second season of Daddy’s Girls!

Did you hear that?  The second season of Daddy’s Girls!  I am literally jumping up and down.

And what’s a huge house without a swimming pool?

Here’s the back side of the house.


So the house sits on a cliff and they have a marvelous sun deck!  I would soooo love to sit there and enjoy the view day in day out.  Seriously.  And this is far better than that tiny ‘apartment’ used by Lauren and Heidi from the Hills.  This one suits them better.

What do you think of Vanessa and Angela Simmons’ crib?

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30 Responses to “The Simmons Sisters’ New LA Home”

 pastrykicks561  05.21.2009 | 1:24 am

dats a nice mansion.

 PastryIsTheWayIRoll  05.21.2009 | 7:43 pm

that's tight i'd ;ive there any day

 PastryIsTheWayIRoll  05.21.2009 | 7:44 pm

i'd **live**

 Tyra  05.21.2009 | 9:20 pm

That's a nice house! I would love to live there.

 A Peek Inside Vanessa and Angela Simmons’ Crib! | Pastry Shoes  05.22.2009 | 5:58 am

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 Joyce  05.22.2009 | 3:42 pm

Real beautiful home. A little on the rich side. 10g's a month to lease?? I love the home they were going to buy on daddy's girls. But hey, they are simmons girls. Much success to them. I love their pastry line.

 le le  05.22.2009 | 6:12 pm

okay dont get me wrong- i love V&A!!! but yall need to stop doggin lauren from the hills with her way of living. i mean obviously she had more seasons and ratings from her reality show than run's house and daddy's girls can get together.. the crib is nice but stay on topic!!! btw lc has moved out of her tiny apartment into a two story home in the hills………..

 celebbabe  05.22.2009 | 7:19 pm

i don't think anybody's trying to hate on LC. it's just about the house vs the apartment -which is not even believable for LC and her gang anyway-. i think MTV could have done better instead of refurbishing LC's apartment into V&A's 'new' living spot on the past Daddy's Girls season. and in my opinion, MTV will get great ratings for Daddy's Girls with this new setting.

 Kayvona_B  05.23.2009 | 8:32 pm

That is tooo nice! I can't wait to be living like them one day!!!

 leky  05.26.2009 | 5:52 pm

dang you guys house is huge

 Dominique_  05.27.2009 | 5:31 pm

their swag is crazy!!! nethin they wear they pull it off with style!!! WHAT!!

 Trixie  05.27.2009 | 11:01 pm

Lve the new digs can't wait to see the show then we'll really get a good look inside the place

 rhaps  05.29.2009 | 11:58 pm

Okay a bigger place means what to y'all to me it means some serious outdoor parties.

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 Cami  08.12.2009 | 6:51 am

beautiful house! but im confused about one thing. it says here six bedrooms. but im watching the episode now and vanessa has the master, cousin jessica has one and angela has the other. so thats 3. and when angelas friend comes to live with them, they said she has to sleep on the couch cuz theres no room?
who else lives there? just wondering.
anyways, i love that home. want it. great choice.

 lostinlyfe  10.8.2009 | 7:36 pm

im with you gurl wat they tlkn abt

 usedcarauction  09.9.2009 | 5:27 pm

my God, i thought you were going to chip in with some decisive insght at the end there, not leave it with ‘we leave it to you to decide’.

 buyusedcar  09.9.2009 | 7:16 pm

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 lostinlyfe  10.8.2009 | 12:35 pm

wish i had it like you guys ur living the life god must realy love yew cuzz he dnt love me

 SizeWertWense  10.13.2009 | 6:46 am

my God, i thought you were going to chip in with some decisive insght at the end there, not leave it with ‘we leave it to you to decide’.

 david  03.15.2010 | 7:46 pm

the new house is nice but a lout of money they should have just stay at the apartment jessica should have got a place in the same bulding they had a 2bed 3ba penthouse i live 6 doors away

 lee  04.19.2010 | 12:27 pm

i think they shud just BUY the house!!!!

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