A Peek Inside Vanessa and Angela Simmons’ New House

Okay, so a couple days ago we got a couple of aerial looks of Vanessa and Angela Simmons’ new LA crib. Today we got the sneak preview of the interior.

Here’s the see-through fireplace in the living room:


Pretty glam! That’s perfect for a VIP Hollywood house party.

Let’s view the property starting from the driveway:



That’s some huge driveway! Lots of room for friends.  I bet the Pastry Mercedes will be there often.


I love the large windows.  These girls have a killer view of Beverly Hills and the surrounding mountains.


Okay I just gotta say: for a house in California, this place sure has more than enough fireplaces!


My mom would kill to have this kind of kitchen.  Talk about state of the art!  I’m just wondering: between Vanessa and Angela, who do you think is the better cook?


Is that a shower stall?  Unclear, but what’s clear is it gets a lot of sun for a small space!


I told you the house has one too many fireplaces. They even built the outdoor version.   Mind you, this is just one of the TWO BBQ area within the property.  Seriously, what’s this?  A house or a 5-star hotel?


Nice pool.  Not too fancy but enough for the Simmons sisters to keep fit doing laps.


And is that the other BBQ area?  I gotta say it’s crazy beautiful!  Let’s see what’s outside the fences…


…ahhh, a beautiful view of the canyon.  Nice!

Word is that the second season of Daddy’s Girls will be shot here.  I’ll update you all should I hear any news about this.

So what do you think now, Pastryheads?  Far far better than that chocolate box “apartment”, right?

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17 Responses to “A Peek Inside Vanessa and Angela Simmons’ New House”

 rhaps  05.22.2009 | 6:15 pm

Wow, awesome digs girls. Next party don't forget to invite me.

 Tyra  05.22.2009 | 9:27 pm

Nice house!!!

 best thang  05.22.2009 | 11:39 pm

cool house looks like its really expensive

 melissa  05.23.2009 | 3:59 am

Hey would like to share so ideas with you that will help more ladies buy pastry faster.

 Kayvona_B  05.23.2009 | 9:04 pm

This is way better than the apartment!!!!! lol

 erica  05.24.2009 | 2:08 am

that house is nice

 Tammy  05.24.2009 | 2:34 am

hey pal

 britts woot woot !!!  05.27.2009 | 4:45 pm

well nice but i thought that it was gunna be all done up
but i guess not
brittish girls rock

 Dominique_  05.27.2009 | 5:17 pm

nice!!!! i lik it!

 Dominique_  05.27.2009 | 10:18 am

Wow! I like it! Nice, nice…

 Dominique_  05.27.2009 | 5:19 pm

So beautiful wished i lived there haha lol i would like livin in the city better tho…

 Ummm  05.28.2009 | 12:10 am
 Cigars  05.29.2009 | 3:54 pm

wow.. what a beautiful house. What did it sell for? Probably got a good deal in this housing market.

 Blueheart79  05.31.2009 | 2:18 am

I love the fireplace that is open on both sides that is awesome

 crowned eagle  06.25.2009 | 5:06 am

BRI EASY pastry Number One Fan

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