Toddler Size: Pastry Black Ice Glam Pie Hightop



Toddler Size: Black Ice Glam Pie Hitop

$49.97 Available only HERE

Are these not cute.  Pastry is always on top of making hitops in every color combo possible.  The latest release to us is the Black Ice with shiny black and a splash of cool sunshine yellow. I think these kicks rock.

What do you think?

Toddler Size: Black Ice Glam Pie Hitop feature:

  • Patent leather in glitzy black
  • Yellow for the laces and flexible soles
  • Cutouts in diamond style with silver shining through

Colors: Black, Yellow

BANANA SPLIT PROPS to SUPERFAN *Glenda* (388, 1 extra for being first) and SUPERFAN *Allison* (289) for the tipoffs!

$49.97 Available only HERE

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One Response to “Toddler Size: Pastry Black Ice Glam Pie Hightop”

 pastrry lovahh  01.9.2010 | 6:47 pm

luv emm byinn am 2 daii

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