Vanessa and Angela Simmons’ New Cousin

Vanessa and Angela Simmons’ aunt, Kimora Lee Simmons, and her new husband Djimon Hounsou welcomed their baby boy named Kenzo Lee Hounsou, on May 30… and we’re still waiting to see pictures!

Aunt Kimora, always on the cutting edge of technology, tweeted her great news to let the world know that her baby was on the way:

“It’s time!! No turning back! At hospital in labor right now!!”

She even followed up with:

“Having contractions now! Ooo- wee! It’s like WHOA! Love & Light, KLS.”

She also tweeted her picture on TwitPic:


Heaven only knows how she still looked great withOUT make-up.  She’s really really pretty.  Or maybe that’s the maternal glow.  Congratulations to Aunt Kimora and Djimon, also to Ming Lee and Aoki Lee.  May your family be blessed!

Ming Lee and Aoki Lee Simmons are sooo gonna be ecstatic having a cute stepbrother, Kenzo.  Do you know that Kenzo is also a name of a famous Japanese fashion designer?  It’s only fitting as a mark of a true fashionable family.

What do you think?


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4 Responses to “Vanessa and Angela Simmons’ New Cousin”

 Dominique_  06.28.2009 | 2:20 am

im tha 1st haha wow another 1 lol well whatever floats her boat 🙂 and it will be nice having a little boy around i kno her girls are prolly excited

 Taylor  06.28.2009 | 6:08 pm

He's Ming and Aoki's half brother, step siblings aren't related by blood

 PastryIsTWIR  06.28.2009 | 9:51 pm

i don't care wat the baby's name is, i'm just happy 4 Kimora. BTW, can sumbody plzzzzzzzz put up sum picz of Kenzo!

 Adrean  06.29.2009 | 12:27 am

he is actually not even a half brother, he would be a half brother if they had different mothers. they all come from the same eggs and uterius.

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