Pastry Black Strawberry Secret Sundae Hitops



Pastry Black Strawberry Secret Sundae Hitops

$59.99 Available only HERE

Our Secret Sundae Hitops have gone all out in every colorway imaginable.  Well tha tis what we thought anyway.  Now they are in black strawberry.  Ever since Vanessa and Angela Simmons have moved to L.A. they have really been pumping out the styles and colorways on our faves.

This kick has a sheen all it’s own and looks more modern than retro.  The woven sides and pink add the girly we love back into a bit of a sporty kick.

Pastry Black Strawberry Secret Sundae Hitops feature:

  • Patent leather in black, silver, and pink
  • Woven sides for a basket of fun feel
  • Strawberry pink laces and button on the side

Color: Black, Pink, Silver

P-P-P-PASTRY PROPS to SUPERFAN *Glenda* (417, 1 extra for being first), SUPERFAN *Allison* (314), and SUPERFAN *Aleeza* (147) for the tipoffs!

$59.99 Available only HERE

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3 Responses to “Pastry Black Strawberry Secret Sundae Hitops”

 pastrygirl#1  07.6.2009 | 4:16 pm

sexy shoes dere luv it

 Dominique_  07.6.2009 | 4:20 pm

dez r okay but a lil plain for me personally…of course simple is not always bad, i jus dont really like it on this shoe…

 nettie  07.10.2009 | 4:01 am

i gotta have these

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