Pastry Sweet Escape Tee in Blue



Pastry Sweet Escape Tee in Blue

$18.99 Available only HERE

A comfortable cotton tee with painted style print that says Sweet in dark blue and Escape in white.  This tee certainly dares to ask the question what is your sweet escape.  For me it is a day with my BFF.  What is yours?

Pastry Sweet Escape Tee in Blue feature:

  • Blue cotton tagless material
  • Paint brush strokes of a popsicle and “Sweet Escape”
  • Pastry logo along the bottom in white paint strokes
  • Available in White as well

Color: Blue

P-P-P-PASTRY PROPS to SUPERFAN *Glenda* (447, 1 extra for being first), SUPERFAN *Allison* (334), and SUPERFAN *Aleeza* (162) for the tipoffs!

$18.99 Available only HERE

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