Vanessa Simmons And Her Positive Habit: Meditation


What’s the first thing you do when you wake up, Pastryheads?

Some of you go straight to the bathroom to brush your teeth, while some of you laze around in bed.  Well maybe you ought to try meditation, because Pastry Shoes creator / Daddy’s Girls star, Vanessa Simmons, does meditation in her morning routine and she feels great.  Vanessa blogged about her inner yogi at GlobalGrind:

Hey Grinders 🙂 Today, I woke up feeling extra good about life and I decided to do something new!

I study the habits of different people I admire and today was my Oprah day! I read that she wakes up every morning between 4 and 5, so I awoke at 5:45 (pressed snoozed 3 x’s!) and started my day! I spent the first hour just meditating (at this early in the morning my mind was extra quiet) it was GREAT!

There are so many negative forces in the world that u have to create your positivity and that is exactly what I did! My song of the week is Mariah Carey “Can’t Take That Away” it’s a very inspirational song and got me through alot of hard times growing up (kids making fun of me for being different, picture that :p)

I now realize that “Everything I’m not made me everything I am today”…

Watch Runs House tonight @ 10 🙂

So let’s answer these questions on the comments page, Pastryheads.

1.  Whose positive habits are you observing right now, what are they and why do you want to do it?
2.  What’s your song of the week?

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