Pastry Black Currant Vulc Glam Pie Hitops



Pastry Black Current Vulc Glam Pie Hitops

$64. Available only HERE

These kicks are a take on plaid that is way beyond cool.  With  a serious  dizzying current of color going on here.  Every color from black to mellow yellow is simply sweet.  The soles even look awesome and almost capable of hypnotizing. LOL

Pastry Black Current Vulc Glam Pie Hitops feature:

  • A mix of patent leather and satin fabric
  • Plaid with a modern look in yellow, black, purple, and pink
  • Gold and purple threaded laces
  • Thick padded insoles of pure purple
  • Vulcanized rubber soles
  • Comes in Mixed Berry flavor as well

Color: Black, Purple

P-P-P-PASTRY PROPS to  SUPERFAN *Allison* (345, 1 extra for being first) for the tipoffs!

$64. Available only HERE

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3 Responses to “Pastry Black Currant Vulc Glam Pie Hitops”

 sherella-elle wear  07.22.2009 | 6:27 pm

i like dis it is so cute, but it will be better if was in a different color

 PastryIsTWIR  07.23.2009 | 6:19 pm

hey! i sent this one to Baybecakes, i like it still tho

 niemha  08.17.2009 | 8:54 pm

i got dee'z dame day mad s3xy on mi

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