Pastry Mixed Berry Vulc Glam Pie Hitops



Pastry Mixed Berry Vulc Glam Pie Hitops

$64. Available only HERE

Vanessa and Angela Simmons have really been cooking it up in the Pastry kitchen this summer.  Take a peek at these babies.  Especially the soles usually we see the famed Glam Pie on the bottom instead we get sweet ripples of red rolling of the pink Pastry logo. Overall  I think these are one fine kick;  I could really take or leave the laces though.

What do you think my fine Pastry friends? Are these kicks good, bad, or ugly?

Pastry Mixed Berry Vulc Glam Pie Hitops feature:

  • A mix of materials in patent leather and satin fabric
  • Plaid sides and ankle in red, yellow, purple, and black
  • White laces threaded with bits of red
  • Thick comfort insoles of of pure red
  • Vulcanized rubber soles
  • Also comes in Black Current flavor

Color: Black, White, Red

P-P-P-PASTRY PROPS to  SUPERFAN *Allison* (348, 1 extra for being first) for the tipoffs!

$64. Available only HERE

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2 Responses to “Pastry Mixed Berry Vulc Glam Pie Hitops”

 rhaps  08.6.2009 | 6:45 am

Whoa Serious shockers here. That is just how Pastry rolls keeping our loves in line with what will really pop

 Maya  03.7.2010 | 4:12 am

I want those sooo bad!!!!!!!

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