Pastry Geo Sugar Pie Hitops



Pastry Geo Sugar Pie Hitops

$69.99 Available only HERE. Free shipping!

Talk about a trip back in time.  These kicks are really rocking the 80’s retro style.  With colors in gold, grey, and white. Especially the shapes on the sides and insole are making me wanna get up and bust a move. LOL

Pastry Geo Sugar Pie Hitops feature:

  • White patent leather
  • Black licorice laces
  • White hook and loop strap
  • Gold and retro print insoles
  • Retro block style Pastry logo on tongue
  • White sole with Grey Glam Pie

Color: White, Grey, Gold

P-P-P-PASTRY PROPS to  SUPERFAN *Allison* (354, 1 extra for being first) for the tipoffs!

$69.99 Available only HERE. Free shipping!

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8 Responses to “Pastry Geo Sugar Pie Hitops”

 tiffany johnson  07.25.2009 | 3:11 am

wow….sexy..i love it..i think imma get this 1 instead..

 PastryIsTWIR  07.26.2009 | 7:50 pm

Pastry is coming up wit all these new styles that i dont know wat to do wit myself!

 GILLIAN  07.28.2009 | 12:07 am

dese is cute

 Blueheart79  08.4.2009 | 5:18 am

I love that Vanessa and Angela Simmons do the Retro style that has always been hot and will be way into the future even if it's not I am gonna wear it.

 rhaps  08.6.2009 | 6:35 am

Bringing it back to the old days when the music and style really meant something great job Daddy's Girls

 Lay  08.19.2009 | 9:55 pm

dey freakin cute omq dey super cute ima qet em!!!

 Jez  07.5.2010 | 4:30 pm

does anyone know where to get these on sale??? theyre HOTT

 olivia  11.8.2010 | 9:27 pm

omg i want these so bad i love them they r beautiful

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