Angela and Vanessa Simmons: Polite To The Paps!

There’s always a reason to love Pastry creators / Daddy’s Girls stars: Angela and Vanessa Simmons.  It’s when they are effortlessly being nice to people.  They’re even nice and polite to the guys who are usually dreaded by other celebrities: the paparazzis.  Remember when they were caught on camera a few months ago when they were leaving West Hollywood and Angela had that shocking pink tights? Here’s a picture to refresh your memory.

Angela-Vanessa west hollywood

Now, here’s a footage you’ve probable never seen before, from the eyes of the paparazzis.

The sisters answered the paps’ questions politely without being fake, they were keeping it real and it looks like the paps are glad their work is to chase around the Simmons sisters, instead of having to deal with diva-like behaviors from some other celebrities.  If all stars all behaves like this… then probably Hollywood will be one of the nicest place to visit on earth!

It’s nice to see them off-MTV camera and through the real cams for a change.

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4 Responses to “Angela and Vanessa Simmons: Polite To The Paps!”

 Blueheart79  07.31.2009 | 4:50 am

I guess they figure you catch more flies with honey than you do dirt

 Dominique_  07.31.2009 | 4:59 pm


 Jimeria8  08.5.2009 | 12:57 am

! d0nt under$t@nd d@t v!de0

 Kid_K  08.7.2009 | 3:28 pm

they probally figure if we just be nice they'll go away quicker

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