Daddy’s Girls Season 2 Premiere: Did You Watch?

So did anybody watch the premiere of the much-anticipated show: Daddy’s Girls?  Bet you watched it.  So anyway, the cast composition is a little bit different this season.  Alycia is no longer a part of the main cast, as she stays back in the old apartment complex.  Now, nobody knows whether Alycia is replaced because she was rumored to have a beef with Vanessa Simmons via Twitter a couple of weeks back (check out Vanessa’s blog, Vanessa cut out Alycia out of her pictures… but hey that might just be a coincidence), and she’s replaced with two regulars: Lynn and Brian.  Here are the new cast of Daddy’s Girls:

Vanessa and Angela

Vanessa and Angela, who are trying to expand Pastry and opening up a store in LA.


What is that boot Vanessa’s rockin’?  Is that one of the new upcoming Pastry boots?


Angela still wears that Malachite bracelet.  It’s for a good cause and it’s beautiful.


Cousin Jessica turns out to be the balance between Angela and Vanessa.  That’s not really visible in season one, but good to see she’s turning significant in the second season.


The newest addition to the regular cast of Daddy’s Girls, replacing Alycia who’s probably busy with her music career.  Her name is Lynn.  You’ve probably seen her a couple of times in the first season, and now you’re gonna see more of Lynn.  She looks fun and while she’s said to be ‘boy crazy’, well… this aspiring model and actress has what it takes to get the finest men in LA anyway!


Brian is the newest member of the bunch.  It’s interesting how Vanessa mentioned that they’ve met when they moved to the apartment two years ago in the beginning of the show, but we’ve all never seen him before.  Oh well, looks like he’s fun and we’ll be seeing where this goes.

Full Cast

There you go, girls.  The full cast of Daddy’s Girls.  There will be, of course, the ocassional appearances by Vanessa’s boyfriend, Mike Wayans… and probably Angela’s boyfriend, Skillz.  But in the mean time, any thoughts about the main cast, Pastryheads?

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4 Responses to “Daddy’s Girls Season 2 Premiere: Did You Watch?”

 Dominique_  08.13.2009 | 1:44 am

duhh i missed it ugh….lol ok serioulsy watz up w dat guy brian idk…ill jus hv 2 watch it but idk bout him lol

 celebbabe  08.13.2009 | 3:39 pm

i think Brian's cute! lol!

 Dominique_  08.15.2009 | 12:13 am


 Kid_K  08.13.2009 | 6:56 pm

I watched via internet…the promo pics are gawgus…luv Ang's hair…and Ness's outfit…and Jess looks AMAZING…

Wonder wats up with Ness and Alycia??…Ness doesn't seem to friendly sometimes…

Ang is very sneaky…I never woulda thunk it…but then again she did spy on Alycia…

I think this is gonna be a great season… 🙂

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