Pastry Cherry Turnovers Hitops



Pastry Cherry Turnovers

$64. Available only HERE

Vanessa and Angela Simmons sure know what it takes to make us feel and look smart.  They say red is a power color; and mixed with  gold and black it becomes super hot.  Even the ankle strap is a smart move.  Remove it reverse it and show off the rad red patent leather or the fabric side.

Pastry Cherry Turnovers feature:

  • Power red, gold, and black patent leather
  • Fabric in scholastic and funky modern style
  • Ankle Strap with remove and reversible fun
  • Rubber soles with heart shaped locks on the toes and ice cream treats on the bottom

Color: Red, Gold, Black

$64. Available only HERE

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One Response to “Pastry Cherry Turnovers Hitops”

 rhaps  09.19.2009 | 3:10 am

OKay these are one smart diva look for sure. I could see wearing these on stage to my own concert. LOL

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