Vanessa and Angela Simmons at the MTV Video Music Awards

So the biggest drama in television recently was when Kanye West stole the microphone off Taylor Swift when she was giving her acceptance speech upon her win on the Best Female Video category.  To make a long story short, Kanye interrupted Taylor and said that Beyonce has the best music videos of all time, leaving Taylor dumbfounded onstage.  Most people (and celebrities) agreed that Kanye was rude and many praised Beyonce for giving Taylor’s stolen moment back.  The video remix of Kanye’s outburst is spreading online now and it’s made to look like President Obama is on Taylor’s side.  This is the big LOL today!

But we’re not exactly here to talk about that as other blogs have posted the scandal.  Let’s put the spotlight back to our lovely ladies, Vanessa and Angela Simmons, who attended the event, looking fresh and fabulous as they always do.  They were there with cousin Jess and the three absolutely looked gorgeous.

MTV VMA Simmons Sisters

Jessica wore an innocent pink strapless dress with a black belt accent and tiny white ruffles “sticking out from under her skirt.  Sort of… a modern Little Bo Peep look.  But she kept it ‘current’ with the blue-soled black stilettos.

MTV VMA Vanessa n Angela

Vanessa Simmons looked really elegant with her black dress and detailed shoes.  Her red clutch and red glove are great accents to balance up the black.  Her necklaces gave a classic touch and the natural voluminous hair scored major fashion points!

MTV VMA Vanessa Simmons

Before Kanye stole Taylor Swift’s moment, the night was about Michael Jackson.  Vanessa probably intended the glove as an honor to Michael Jackson’s memory, and unlike others who have tried (and fail), she passed the fashion test with flying colors!

MTV VMA Angela Simmons 03

Angela looked sweet with her black/teal strapless mini dress.  Like her sister, Vanessa, she also sported the one-gloved look, but there’s something missing about her appearance.  Maybe the facial expression, as she almost looked tired.  Taking care of Pastry, filming for her reality show “Daddy’s Girls” and their family’s show “Run’s House” must have drained her energy.  Hope you feel better, Angela!

Any thoughts on the Simmons Sisters’ VMA Swagger, Pastryheads?

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2 Responses to “Vanessa and Angela Simmons at the MTV Video Music Awards”

 Dominique_  09.21.2009 | 2:25 am

ima cop ang. outfit forreal im luvin it sooo fresh!

 Kid_K  09.21.2009 | 12:01 pm

Jess looks great…luv the dress

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