Daddy’s Girls Ep. 7: Jessica’s Crush Is A Hottie!

Although the main plot (a.k.a. story about Vanessa and Angela Simmons) is great, in Daddy’s Girls episode 7, there’s somebody who stole the whole show just by appearing bit by bit.  But anyway, let’s revisit the story.  So, Vanessa and Angela Simmons as owners and creators of Pastry shoes scored a major interview with a major media: the OK! Magazine.  That’s huge in celebdom, and that will surely boost their exposure as well as promote their Pastry Shoes.  Vanessa told her dad, Rev. Run, who was kinda reluctant about the whole interview thing.  The next thing you know, Vanessa got a call from OK magazine, telling her that the interview was cancelled by their manager, a.k.a. Daddy Rev. Run.  The Simmons sisters were upset, but they simply couldn’t muster up the strength to stand up for themselves in front of Dad.  Here are some notable moments -and they happen to be funny too! LOL

Angela cant say no to dad

Angela practiced talking to her dad with this boxing doll.  Cute, but it didn’t work.

Vanessa talks to rev

Vanessa tried to talk to Rev. Run, but in the end, she gave Angela the phone and they hung up on Rev. Run…

a visit from rev

…who took it as a cue to visit the girls in LA.  Very funny stuff!

Meanwhile, cousin Jessica was getting busy at the basketball court, having a major crush on a cute guy named Shawn.   And Lynn, the boy expert, told her to change her outlook.  You know, wear sexier clothes on the court.

Jess Pastry Glasses

Yeah, Jess might have laughed it off… (wait, was she wearing the Pastry Sugar Pie Large Frame Glasses?)

Jess hot basketball attire

…but she decided to give it a try! LOL!  But seriously, Pastryheads, look at her toned muscles.  This girl has the goods to actually get ANY guy on the court.  It’s proven that the guys lost concentration when she showed up and played basketball in this attire.  And you’d have to appreciate her efforts because it was all done for this hottie.


And yes, in the end they went on a date.  Lovely!  And look at Jess so happy 🙂

Jess on a date

Oh well, hope things go smoothly between Jess and *ahem* Shawn.  They’ll make a cute couple.

In the end, Vanessa and Angela got the interview back, and Rev. Run apologized that he sometimes finds it hard to let his two girls actually do their job.  Everything went smoothly and the girls took Rev. Run to visit their upcoming Pastry Shoes Store.  Nothing in it yet, but you can see it’s kinda big.

The pastry store

Vanessa and Angela said there’s gonna be a bakery and stuff to match the store with the Pastry brand.  Sounds like a good concept.

What do you think about this episode of Daddy’s Girls, Pastryheads?

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2 Responses to “Daddy’s Girls Ep. 7: Jessica’s Crush Is A Hottie!”

 Kid_K  10.5.2009 | 8:05 pm

I luved this episode…but the next episode said that they weren't gonna open the retail store and Ang and Jess where moving back to NY…but Ness would stay in L.A. with Mike

 rhaps  10.9.2009 | 6:08 am

What I am confused why stay when family is leaving.

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