Daddy’s Girls Finale: Back To New York?

Finally the reality series came to an end. Let’s reminisce, shall we?

The episode starts with the Simmons Sisters hearing a good news about the upcoming Pastry store from Solomon.  Angela. Vanessa and Jessica didn’t look so excited when Solomon told them that the contract for the Pastry Store is ready.  Rev. Run who happened to be in town reminded the girls about the responsibility they have to take…

…and suddenly they got cold feet.

Vanessa seemed to take things lightly, optimistic that running the store and her acting career can go together.  Jessica suddenly thought of her lifelong dream of being a lawyer, and she wanted to move back to NY and apply into law school.  Personally, we here at, felt for Angela as she’s about the only one not having any plan of her own and would’ve gone stuck running the LA store alone had they gone forward with the store plan.  And weren’t you a bit disappointed that they decided to put the Pastry Shoes store on hold?  It’s true that they’re doing well anywhere else, but having a flagship store would be great too.


Well anyway, although the show came to somewhat a screeching halt when Angela and Jessica decided to move back to New York, leaving Vanessa to pursue her acting career and to be with her boyfriend, Mike Wayans, there were some memorable moments that are… well, memorable.

Vanessa and Mike at dinner with rev

Mike Wayans joins Rev. Run, Vanessa and Angela for dinner.

rev at dinner

Rev pulled a ‘Daddy-wants-to-spend-time-with-your-boyfriend’ spiel.  This usually makes any guy a bit nervous.  But not Mike.

smiley mike

He laughs and looked totally comfortable around Rev. Run.  Of course, he and Vanessa have been dating for 4 years! And now we all know why Nessa fell in love with the guy.  He has a cute smile indeed.

Meanwhile, Jessica looked really distressed.  Brian took her out to chill.  She didn’t look to chilled-out, though.

Jessica on surf board

About looks, well, Angela and Vanessa Simmons looked fantastic as usual.  Vanessa looked consistently cool with her ‘dropped shoulder’ look…

Vanessa worried about mike n dad

angela big hair

…while Angela channeled Diana Ross with the big hair and pulls it off!  Jessica looked great as well.  This girl has the BEST body ever.  Look at those seriously toned arms!

jess cool hat

Anyway, Rev. Run and Mike seemed to be having a great time together.  They went for a go-kart race, where Rev. Run insisted that Mike should go SLOW in terms of his relationship with Vanessa.  The whole go-kart thing was hilarious!

rev n mike on course

rev likes mike

Things looked pretty friendly with these men.  They even wear matching outfits! LOL

rev mike twins

mike n rev towel

The boys went outdoorsy too.  Rev. Run shared his thoughts and talked to Mike about the girls in the hot tub and when they were having BBQ.

mike rev at tub

mike n rev bbq

Okay, back to the season’s finale episode.  Let’s discuss this, Pastryheads.  Do you think the second season of Daddy’s Girls ended with a bang, or that they could have done better?

While you do that, we’re fine-tuning our radar to catch any news about the possibility of having Season number 3.

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3 Responses to “Daddy’s Girls Finale: Back To New York?”

 Kid_K  10.8.2009 | 7:14 pm

It was kinda sad when they talked about moving…but look at the bright side, if they combined Daddy's Girls and Run's House…we could get the best of both worlds!

 rhaps  10.9.2009 | 6:08 am

I don't even know why they moved in the first place

 rhaps  10.17.2009 | 5:58 am

Leaving home where roots are is very hard sometimes ya just gotta say goodbye to crazy ideas like a L.A. and come home.

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