Angela Simmons: Long or Short?

It’s a two-day fabulousness to see Angela Simmons roam the streets of Hollywood, and tell you what, this girl likes the extremes.  Both accompanied by her stylist, Kanayo Ebi -who’s getting a fair piece of the spotlight lately.  Wonder why she’s not on Daddy’s Girls already.  Well anyway, here are Ang’s looks.

EXCL angela simmons 041009

EXCL angela simmons 041009

Angela Simmons on Robertson Blvd 02

Angela Simmons on Robertson Blvd 01

Angela Simmons looked stunning in that striped long dress and she looked fab in that mini floral skirt.  Good news is, maybe you can pull an Angela by combining the mini and the stripes.  That’s why this Rocawear Stripe a Pose Twist Back Tunic ($40.99) is perfect.  It’s striped and it’s short!

Rocawear Stripe a Pose Twist Back Tunic 4099

The best thing is, you can wear this with any Pastry shoes you have.  By the way, DrJays is having a FREE SHIPPING promo on orders of $150 or more!  Seriously, you can receive free ground shipping when you make a purchase of $150 from today through Tuesday, October 13th 2009 at 11:59 PM EST.  Just enter promo code 1CKMYA on checkout to enjoy the privilege.

So, do you like Angela better wearing long dress or short skirt?

Image via TheYBF

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6 Responses to “Angela Simmons: Long or Short?”

 Kid_K  10.8.2009 | 7:15 pm

I like the floral skirt look on Ang…i'm not a fan of the black and white strip dress tho… 🙁

 Kid_K  10.8.2009 | 7:15 pm

I like the floral skirt look on Ang…i'm not a fan of the black and white stripe dress tho… 🙁

 rhaps  10.9.2009 | 6:04 am

I agree the stripe one looks like for a little kid. I think she looks better in longer skirts the short ones she keeps having to hold it down not good

 nettie  10.10.2009 | 11:12 pm

her stylist does a very good job in my opinion & she doesn't dress herself that bad either…kool outfits

 rhaps  10.17.2009 | 5:56 am

Are you kidding the flower skirt looks goofy and what is with the plain winter cap. Why not some color to match the goofy skirt.

 shamiah  12.17.2010 | 9:25 am

i like your shoes som much but do u have the omg girlz shoes if u looking at thise and u text me back and tell me were thay are or if u got them thank u

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