The Baby Phat Card and The RushCard: Do you have them?

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We all know the economy is not exactly at its best. But we all still have to buy stuff (read: Pastry Shoes). Russell Simmons, the philanthropist, entrepreneur and uncle to Vanessa and Angela Simmons created something different that can help us all in controlling our personal finances -especially avid shoppers like us!

Introducing: the RushCard.


RushCard comes in two versions, the RushCard you can see in the picture;  the black and pink Baby Phat design. With options for a ‘pay as you go’ plan and a monthly plan, both cards offer:

  • No monthly, annual, or hidden fees
  • Created by philanthropist and entrepreneur Russell Simmons
  • Everyone is eligible—no credit check or employment verification
  • Quick, easy application
  • Free money loading with direct deposit of pay or government benefits
  • Free 24×7 customer service, activity status, & balance inquiries
  • Use online, over the phone—anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted

There are additional features which will make you be able to…

  • Avoid expensive check cashing fees or worries about NSF, overdraft, or bounced check fees
  • Pay bills online or over the telephone—no more time-consuming trips to pay in cash.
  • Add money to your card conveniently and for free by arranging for direct deposit of some or all of your pay or government benefits—or even your tax refund. You can also transfer money to your card for free using PayPal.
  • Instantly load money on your card at tens of thousands of convenient MoneyGram and CheckFree locations
  • Check your activity status anytime online or by phone for free. (Unlike many other companies, we don’t charge for our 24/7 customer service.)
  • Get cash quickly from over 855,000 ATMs worldwide with a secure PIN number
  • Earn money every time you refer a friend and they get a RushCard ($5.00)

What’s good about a pre-paid card like RushCard compared to a bank-issued card in a way is that there’s no more overdraft bills and you’ll be basically free from general spam mail from the bank. However there are transaction fees that come with these types of cards, so that’s something to watch out for. But hey, it’s all better, anyway.

Did you know that by now, there’s already over 2 million people helped out by RushCard?

In this economy downfall, RushCard seems like a good card to hold on to as they have an optional service that helps build a positive credit rating by reporting the regular bill payments you make with your card to participating credit reporting agencies.

RushCard is the only prepaid card that has this service for their customers.

So how do one get a RushCard? Well, all you need to get approved is your social security number and be over 18. What do you think, Pastryheads?

Go here to get approved instantly for the RushCard.

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One Response to “The Baby Phat Card and The RushCard: Do you have them?”

 PastryIsTWIR  11.16.2009 | 12:58 am

i think it's a great idea. i see it on the BET commercials all the time but i'm not 18 yet so yah….can't get it just as yet

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