Skillz On Dating Angela Simmons


Oscar Salinas a.k.a. Skillz of Dallas-based duo “Play n Skillz” has been dating Pastry co-creator and owner, Angela Simmons.  He recently spilled his heart out and brings on his relationship with Angela to the public eye.  Check what he has to say.

Skillz looked calmer in answering the questions compared to his bro, Juan “Play” Salinas, regarding the whole paparazzi hoopla.  That’s kinda expected, though, as some gossip websites haven’t been too kind on Skillz and Angela, due to their inter-racial relationship.  Guess that’s not the number one thing on Skillz’s mind, because he’s more into talking about future dad-in-law (we hope!), Rev Run.

“He’s cool. He’s not really different from nobody else. Being around her whole family is kinda crazy ‘coz you would’ve think I’d feel a bit intimidated.  Her dad coming from the music background like me, things are normal.”

His admiration towards Rev Run doesn’t end there.  Skillz praised Rev’s relevance and interest in today’s music scene.

“You know, what’s crazy is that he wants to know more about the younger generation.  He told me about how he wants to keep his ears in tune with the younger cast.”

Looks like boy’s getting along with Rev real well.  Any thoughts on this, Pastryheads?

Video Source: VladTV

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3 Responses to “Skillz On Dating Angela Simmons”

 Kid_K  11.20.2009 | 9:44 pm

He talks fast…he seems cool, but uses too much profanity for my taste…but I guess i'm not the one dating him…

 celebbabe  11.23.2009 | 6:31 pm

yeah wonder how Rev. Run feels about the profanity. LOL. but love ang and skillz tho. they're good together 😀

 maria  12.3.2009 | 2:56 am

dey make GUD COUPLE!!!!! no matter wat em HATERZ say!!!!……:D

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