Angela Simmons’ Legging Controversy

Our friends at MediaTakeOut posted this picture of Angela Simmons recently:

Angela Simmons MTO

Okay, actually we don’t really see what the big fuss is all about.  Surely the girl has worn crazier stuff than this one, and don’t you applaud Angela for her fashion boldness?  Compared to her sister, and Pastry shoes co-owner, Vanessa Simmons, who has milder -albeit still rock and roll- style in fashion, Angela is a bit more experimental. Recently she donned a bold pair of pants with the word “YES” printed on her booties, and the pictures were quick to spread around the internet.

Well, that’s just an example of Ang’s bold fashion sense.  Speaking of which, those are some bold red Pastry Shoes she wore on the picture.  Do you know what Pastry Shoes they are?

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5 Responses to “Angela Simmons’ Legging Controversy”

 nettie  12.3.2009 | 4:38 pm

ugh..shes grown now..i love it..go Ang

 Kid_K  12.3.2009 | 6:32 pm

She wore a pair of these on season 2 of Daddy's Girls…the episode where they went camping

 celebbabe  12.3.2009 | 11:16 pm

good eye! i knew i saw it somewhere before!

 Luz  12.4.2009 | 5:12 am

i think they r cute!…as long as the hole aint too far up..its good!

 Vinneka  05.13.2010 | 10:37 pm

When she put them on with some 4" heels and a bikini top………'s a different story, however, they look very cute

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