Angela Simmons Christmas Shopping With Skillz

Pastry Shoes co-creator and co-owner, Angela Simmons, decided to look rather “cartoony” when she shopped with her beau, Oscar Salinas, a.k.a. Skillz of award-winning rapper/producer duo: “Play & Skillz”.


Now here’s a little Christmas questionnaire for you, Pastryheads!

1.  I’d rather shop for Christmas… a) as early as Halloween b) just minutes before Christmas Eve
2.  Who do you want to give the most special Christmas present to this year? Why?
3.  If you can have ANY Pastry Shoes for free, which ones would they be?  Be specific!
4.  What are the top 3 things on your Christmas wishlist?
5.  What are the top 5 things you can’t leave home without this winter?
6.  If you can have ANY Pastry Clothing for free, which one do you want the most: dresses, jeans or tees?
7.  If one of the Simmonses were to play Santa, which one would you prefer to knock on your front door?
8.  Who would you rather do your Christmas shopping with? Why?
9.  What do you want to see from Pastry in 2010?
10.  Anything you wanna say to Vanessa and Angela Simmons?  Hope they’ll read this!

You can answer the questionnaire in the ‘comments’ section. 😀

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One Response to “Angela Simmons Christmas Shopping With Skillz”

 Kid_K  12.9.2009 | 11:13 pm

1.) I like to shop for Christmas, right after Thanksgiving.
2.) I want to give God my complete self, because I've been neglecting him a little
3.) I would like a pair of the Pastry Cherry Turnover sneakers
4.) Top 3 things on my list are:
-a new wardrobe,
-a trip to NYC
-and a new car
5.) I can't leave home w/out:
-my purse
-a cute jacket
-my make-up
-a cute scarf
6.) I would want Pastry Jeans
7.) I would like them all to show up
8.) I would like to Christmas shop with Vanessa, I like her style
9.) I want to see more online things actually in stock, everythings sold out
10). Vanessa and Angela you girls are very inspirational to me, I too one day wish to become a business owner. Happy Holiday's and keep up the great work!

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