Pastry Juniors Too Cute Dress



Pastry Juniors Too Cute Dress

$29. Available only HERE

It is called too Cute.  I must say though this is just right.  With a sweet blend of plaid and a colorway that can’t be beaten for this holiday season.

Pastry Juniors Too Cute Dress feature:

  • The top is a blend of rayon,  spandex, and nylon for a comfy and smooth look
  • A flower pin in dazzling sequins we can move to any outfit
  • The skirt is pure cotton so there is no sweating the style on this one

Color: Purple Wine

$29. Available only HERE

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One Response to “Pastry Juniors Too Cute Dress”

 PastryIsTWIR  12.10.2009 | 5:14 pm

this is a sexy dress!!!11

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