Vanessa Simmons on Haiti Earthquake: “Let’s Connect and Do Something”

A huge 7.0-magnitude earthquake hit Haiti, late Tuesday afternoon, and most areas in its capital, Port-au-Prince is under severely damaged condition.   Although no number of death toll has been confirmed yet, hundreds of thousands of people are feared to have been killed, following the devastating disaster.  The world immediately turned its attention to the suffering country, especially from public figures with close ties to Haiti such as musician, Wyclef Jean, who was born in Haiti and “Heroes” actor, Jimmy Jean-Louis, who in the series played a character called “The Haitian”.

The Simmons sisters haven’t got such close bonds to Haiti, but the girls do care a lot and very aware of what’s going on.  The awareness doesn’t only involve Vanessa and Angela Simmons, their cousin Jessica and friend, Shawna from their reality series, Daddy’s Girls, also showed concerns about the Haiti devastation.

Shawna tweeted earlier:

Just made my donation! How about you? TEXT YELE 501 501 @wyclef IF U DON’T HAVE $ AT LEAST PRAY…#YELE (PLS RT) 4

Talking to my dad about putting on something to help rasie money for Haiti @angelasimmons @v_simmons we should get on it.

Which Vanessa Simmons replied with:

@shawnagaspard ive been thinking of ways all day!! lets connect and do SOMETHING! #helphaiti

WOW! UPS is shipping anything under 50 lbs to haiti FOR FREE! thats cool #noexcusenottohelp

Ok u have to donate to thru redcross first…but still worth it

And Jessica tweeted:

if each one of my followers donates $5 to help @wyclef & Haiti by textn YELE to 501501 we can raise $159,150..that would b a tremendous help

Meanwhile, although not saying anything much, Angela Simmons kept re-tweeting Jessica and Vanessa’s tweets about Haiti and showing her concerns by doing so.  Looks like all the Daddy’s Girls gang, like us, are also saddened by the tragedy. Maybe some of you still have no idea on how bad things are in Haiti, right now? Well here are some pictures to give you an idea.

Really heartbreaking. Let’s all help the Haitians, Pastryheads.  You can go to to find out how you can help provide relief to the earthquake victims.

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