Diggy Simmons’ New Video: Made You Look (Flow Stoopid)

The Simmons clan is one family known for their strong support for one another.  Angela and Vanessa Simmons might be content with their Pastry Shoes and reality show “Daddy’s Girls”, but their little bro -who’s not so little anymore now-, Diggy Simmons, is kickin’ it high.  From designing his own upcoming shoe line, “Chivalrous Culture” to releasing his freestyle mixes to the masses, Diggy is growing up to be one heck of a gentleman!  Big bro Jojo Simmons posted this in his blog today:

Check out the 1st music video ever from my lil brother Diggy Simmons. This dude is a monster & we know it! Shout out to my lil brother Diggy from flow to swag to lyrics he’s got it all on lock. Some call him the best teen rapper. I think he’s passed that, He’s better than most rappers in the game. He goes in on the Nas beat “Made You Look” and titles it “Flow Stoopid”. That’s the perfect title for this song & video because his flow is stupid on this one! Diggy Simmons is on his way to be a fashion icon & one of greatest rappers.

And yes, we have to agree with Jojo, Diggy is GOOD.  What do you think, Pastryheads?

Diggy – Made you look Freestyle (Flow Stoopid) from Diggy Simmons on Vimeo.

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25 Responses to “Diggy Simmons’ New Video: Made You Look (Flow Stoopid)”

 CEEJ  03.11.2010 | 10:07 pm


 dedera  11.17.2010 | 2:01 pm

yes i think he is too

 Luz  03.12.2010 | 6:43 am

DAMNNNNNNNNNNNNN diggy is killin it!!!!!
hes way better than jojo
Diggy is getting soooo grown..& cuter and cuterrr man

 lesia  03.12.2010 | 7:56 pm

dis sound good
he a bad rappa

 Melissa Lee  03.12.2010 | 8:42 pm

Hello All
My name is Melissa Lee and Diggy new joint is Krazzzy Stoopid..lol I like he took his video to the streets, his rhythm is tight and he is a biblical rapper. Its fresh
keep the good work going
Melissa Lee

 REBECCA  03.12.2010 | 8:43 pm


 sizzle1685  03.19.2010 | 6:01 am

diggy u r dope…

 Nee' Nee'313  03.24.2010 | 12:40 am

Diggy is cute and he can RAP! u go Diggy

 Aly  03.25.2010 | 2:42 pm

He has grown up so much! He really good! n cute!

 SexyRedbone  03.27.2010 | 8:24 pm

OK diggy!!! i c u!!!!U hot as a mug!!wow…u doin ya thing…das wusup!!!keep doin wut u do!!now ima go download dat song on 2my ps3 if i can..ima b puttin erbody on dat!!

 RxCritic  03.28.2010 | 11:20 am

That was good. I am surprised. Can't wait to hear more. The N**** word was used a few times, but he is growing up

 NAY-NIZZLE*;  03.31.2010 | 12:01 am

Thiz ShYt WaZ hAwTT dIgGy ..BeTa dEn jOjo SorrRY 2 hIM u sTilL kUtE JoJo..But DiGgy Iz cUtEr &+ He gOt iT GOiN On lIkE HeLlO[iNsIdER].bTw tEll Ur sIstErz I Am ThE nuMbEr 1 PaStRy FaN hAvE aLL oF ThE oNeZ THaTs OuT bRoUgHT tHeM aL in OnE DaY mIy b-DaY nOv.28 …PPLe wAs Like yAh[dAdDy Iz rIch] ..I sAiD nAh hE JuSt GoT It goiN on LqK …AlSo tHiZ nAy-NIzZle THaT NeW gURl..WeRe We tWiRK & jErk Nd dRoP It low All In OnE..[bRoOklYn,NeW YoRK iz iN DiZ]]]***

 Tamia  04.13.2010 | 9:42 pm

Diggy Is So Bom!
I Wish I Knew Him!
He Is So Sexi!
I Wish He Could Come Meet Me!
Im His Number 1 Fan!
I Loved Him Ever Sence I Saw Runs House 1st Season!
I Want 2 Give Him My Number Please Vanessa,And Anglea Please Give Diggy My Number I Just Want 2 At Least Talk 2 Him Before He Gets Old! Please Contact Me At Braggs_Kids@yahoo.com Thanx I Love Ur Shoes 2 I Got So Cutie Pies And Dey R Suremdelamalotios!!!!!!!!! Thanx Again It Is Braggs_kids@yahoo.com

 Tira_Deneshian  10.20.2010 | 3:42 pm

grl yew is desprite danq yew need tuh stop iht he dnt wnt yew..! if he diid he diid he wulda came and got yew but he didnt so stop..! OAN: shut up..!

 Diggy Simmons Knows What They Been Waitin’ For! | Pastry Shoes  05.14.2010 | 8:41 pm

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 vincent  05.24.2010 | 1:42 pm

thiz nigga iz flii azz hell he got skillz make it work kid good luck to you and your fam peace

 khadejha  08.28.2010 | 2:42 pm

fashion icon ofcourse sexy helll yea and one of the greatest rappers around

 x xTira_Deneshain  10.20.2010 | 3:45 pm

Dhiss kiid is onee of dhe best young rappersz out..! I am your biiqqest fan..! OAN: if yew wuld tell dhem grlsz tuh stop bein desprit ( :..!
<3 always, Tira_Deneshian..!

 Tira_Pooh  10.20.2010 | 4:12 pm

Dhiiss iis dhe stuff..! Diggy’s musiic iis wonderful..! I am hiisz biiqqest fan.., lyk seriouszly..! OAN: luv dhe shoesz grlsz im rockin dhem now..! (&nd Diggy yew AINT ugly..!]..! May yew continue tuh dew yew..!

<3 always Tira Deneshian holloway..!

 dedera  11.17.2010 | 2:08 pm

He is Hoooooat!!!!!

 dedera  11.17.2010 | 2:10 pm

he is off the ook!!

 asia  11.25.2010 | 5:38 am

i love you baby!!!

 asia  11.25.2010 | 5:39 am

diggy bff

 MINLI  07.7.2011 | 8:09 pm

Diggy <33

 love bug  08.13.2011 | 11:02 am

love you diggy simmons

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