Newsflash: Pastry Home Sweet Home Collection!

Angela Simmons might have spent a lot of time with buddy, Rob Kardashian, but don’t you think that the girl is all about play and no work.  With her sister, Vanessa Simmons, Angela has also been hard at work.  Both Vanessa and Angela were apparently working on the Pastry Home Sweet Home Collection, and they’re here now to show ’em to you:

If you can’t play the video, we’re gonna tell you what they were talking about.  See, Pastry Shoes has released their newest collection: Pastry Home Sweet Home.  There are two colorways of each collection: Hot Pink and Black, both embellished with shiny sequins.  Each colorway consists of two styles: comfortable and flexible flat shoes and super fly high heels. Check the soles on the high heels and you could see the Pastry logo, telling the world what you’re rocking.  The flat ones are the ones you turn to when it’s time for a laid-back look.  You don’t have to decide between the two styles, because to have a matching pair of flats and heels is a rare thing and if Pastry can make it possible, then why not?

And finally for the best thing we love about the upcoming shoes:  Check the heels and just by rubbing your fingers on the sequins, you can change the colors of your shoes. Rub it back and it turns into silver and rub it forward, the original color (either pink or black) will come back. Amazing!

So, are you ready to get them and click your heels?  Tell us what you think!

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5 Responses to “Newsflash: Pastry Home Sweet Home Collection!”

 nettoe  04.13.2010 | 3:47 pm

i love it! i have to get them

 QTeve  04.16.2010 | 3:08 am

I want them i love how the sequins flip thats so creative … fan of pastry's

 Blueheart79  05.5.2010 | 2:04 am

Isn't that what sisters are for to be a little bit annoying. LOL

 SABRINA MONSANTO  04.18.2010 | 8:51 am

I love the shoes and videos

 Kanesha  07.23.2010 | 7:14 pm

OMG i love these shoes! as soon as they come out i want both pair!

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