Rob Kardashian: “Angela’s Like One of My Best Friends”

They’ve been seen getting pedicures together, clubbing together and even suspected kissing, but none of them would say anything about dating each other.  But remember when Pastry Shoe Co-founder Angela Simmons was caught on camera, where she refused to talk much about her new relationship with Hollywood heartthrob, Rob Kardashian?  Well, HipHollywood managed to catch Rob and he talked quite a bit about Angela Simmons.

Rob said that Angela is like one of his best friends and that people are talking about him dating Angela’s sister, Pastry co-founder and Daddy’s Girls reality show star: Vanessa Simmons. Wonder where that came from!  We all know Vanessa is happily dating Mike Wayans for quite some time now.  But if you listen carefully, Rob says he loves ‘The Simmons Girls’.  Okay, so he likes surrounding himself with positive people, and especially those who believe in the Bible.

Gossip sites might laugh at this, but we think he’s being really sincere.  Can’t help but wonder, though, what would happen if there’s a mash-up show between the Kardashians and the Simmons.  MTV are you listening? Lol!

What do you think, Pastryheads?

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3 Responses to “Rob Kardashian: “Angela’s Like One of My Best Friends””

 anna  05.20.2010 | 11:05 pm

These shoes are maddddddddddddd,when u going to open a store in jamaica

 ImAStar75  05.20.2010 | 4:53 pm

They'er sooo dating. But I understand why both are keeping their relationship on the DL. Becuz as soon as they tell the public (I already think their fam and friends know) the media will build them up then tear them down. Plus both had bad break ups in the public eye. I can understand why both want this relationship to not be played out on the blogs. But if ur like me and love this couple. Just keep up with their tweets. Most of the time they are good about not tweeting to much about their feels for each other. But u know the way love goes. Some times you can catch the love birds tweeting about how much they miss each other. The cutest Rob tweet was when he tweeted "A N G E L." Then Angela tweeted "You had me at hello"

 coca  05.21.2010 | 3:13 am

if u follow their tweets

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