Pastry Peace and Love Racer Back Tunic


Pastry Peace and Love Racer Back Tunic

$14.99 Available only HERE

A little bit of skirt when you are wearing those cute Pastry shorts or jeans.  Don’t you just love it how Vanessa and Angela Simmons know just what we need to eliminate indecision?  It even has little pockets on the front; how handy is that.

The only sad thing is there is no back view of this cute tunic found so far.  So here is a treasure hunt for all you Pastry heads.  Find a pic of the back view along with any pic of yourself and we’ll put it in the post.  Ready, Set, Go!

Pastry Peace and Love Racer Back Tunic feature:

  • Racer back criss cross design
  • Fuchsia and purple striping on gray
  • Button down front
  • Small front pockets for your fave lip balm or notes for your BFF
  • A little bit of skirt for those hard to decide days
  • Soft white cotton tee for superb comfort
  • Pastry logo dressed in peace and love
  • Sizes 7 to 16 availability limited

Color: Fuchsia, Purple

$14.99 Available only HERE

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