Yogalicious Miley Simmons!

The Simmons family is one spiritual bunch.  With a reverend as the leader, and a yogi uncle, the Simmons kids are left with many positive attitudes and one of the most important attitude is the way they treat their bodies.  Yesterday we talked about how hard Angela Simmons works out to keep her figure.  And look what we found today!

Little Miley Simmons isn’t so little anymore and she is into YOGA! So there you go, Pastryheads, nobody is too young to do yoga and Miley proves it. Her uncle Russell Simmons must be really proud!  She’s indeed a big girl now.  Here she posed with older sis, Angela Simmons, and look how much she’s grown.  Super cute!

Aaaww… can’t wait to see the next season of Run’s House!

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