Strike a Pose: Angela Simmons & Emichi

Looks like Angela Simmons didn’t really care about the breakup rumors.  So look what she did with her bestie, Emichi, just recently.  The fabulous girls had a photoshoot and the results are in and our verdict: Super Sassy!

Wonder where they took this picture.  Some retro theater?

Angela looks FIERCE.

We can’t believe they just did this for fun.  Angela can be mistaken as a professional model, for sure. Wonder why she hasn’t gotten her modelling career going.  Meanwhile, we kinda miss Vanessa Simmons.  Girl has been staying low that we rarely see her photographed in public.  Holler out to Nessa.  Where you at, girl?

Do you miss Vanessa Simmons too?

a. YES!  I miss her so much, please come out from hiding, Nessa!
b. Not really.  I’m sure Nessa is up to something good, just like she and Angela usually do.  Let her do her thing!

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2 Responses to “Strike a Pose: Angela Simmons & Emichi”

 Mares  07.6.2010 | 6:18 am

I love both Vanessa and Angela but I bet Vanessa got a new man and has been kicking it on the under. If that's the case….you go girl!
These pictures with Angela and her friend look great. I can't tell you how many times me and my girls have gotten together to take random shots just because – lol.

 sha sha  07.9.2010 | 10:18 pm

i love your new shoes i really all your shoes they are so so cute and were is nessa like the shoes hope to by more and hope you make lol lot of love your girl jamaira a.k.a sha sha lol my bffls lol

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