Look Who Went To T.I.’s Wedding Together ;)

So last weekend was awesome, because the King of the South… the hip hop royalty: T.I. finally married his girlfriend, Tameka “Tiny” Cottle.  We’re so happy for them! The couple got married in Miami and Atlanta… and Las Vegas!  Yes, Pastryheads, three-time celebration.  T.I. looked dashing in his custom Prada suit, while Tiny was mesmerizing in her Valentino dress.  Here are a couple of pics of the newlyweds:

Since they’re not official pictures, it’s understandable that they’re kinda blurry.  However, there are some clearer pictures of the guests and one of the guest is Pastry Shoes co-owner, Angela Simmons.  Check Ang working it with the girls:

Gorgeous. But who was Angela’s date?  That’s the bigger question.  Check this out:

Angela Simmons posed with Rasheeda and Bow Wow.  Ahem.  Who, again?

Yes, Bow Wow.

Maybe it’s the Miami weather, maybe it’s the romantic aura of weddings, but the two sure seemed like they are… back together.  Some gossip sites indicated that Angela and Bow Wow were inseparable at T.I. and Tiny’s wedding celebration. So we took a peek at Angela Simmons’ Twitter and found short but sweet tweets over the weekend.  Are they Bow Wow-related?  We know Bow Wow’s mom had fun with the group and Ang complimented her dress. Obviously they hung out together in Miami.  Check the highlighted tweets and you be the judge 😉

Any thoughts, Pastryheads?

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