The Simmons Sisters’ Business Tips (And New Pastry Shoes)

So you’ve been checking this site because you’re so inspired by the Simmons Sisters and want to find business tips from Vanessa and Angela Simmons? Well today you’re in luck because we bumped into a report from that the Simmons Sisters were featured in Black Enterprise’s Entrepreneurs of The Week. Here they are:

LESSON 1: Just because you’re given a golden chance, doesn’t mean you can just kick your feet up.
Angela: Nothing’s given to you, because once you get the opportunity, you still have to put in the work. We’re hands on [with the business]: We have meetings, take calls, choose what we like, what we don’t like. We pick colors and fabrics.
Vanessa: At the end of the day, men lie, women lie, but numbers don’t. Results have motivated me to keep going despite challenges or naysayers.

LESSON 2: Working with a relative can have its challenges, but who better to work with than someone who knows your quirks and strengths?
Angela: It’s an advantage because it’s easier to be 100% real when it’s your sister. More than likely, she won’t get offended if I don’t like something. Disputes can happen, but you learn to let personal things go and move on.
Vanessa: Angela went to school for fashion and I studied business. We build each other up, and we try to come to reasonable compromises.

The rest of the lessons are available at OR just check the video!

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