Visit Angela Simmons’ Open Diary Today

Long gone are the days of wondering what your favorite celebrity is thinking about.  Thanks to the internet, these days we can even know what they’re having for lunch or dinner if they post a twitpic or tweet about their whereabouts.  The Simmons sisters have been avid users of Twitter, but seriously what do we really get from only 140 characters?

That’s why our girl, Angela Simmons, finally turned to Blogger and created her personal blog, or as she puts it: this is her ‘open diary’.  She tweeted recently:

My blog is an open diary. Which means i write what comes to mind. Its not about anything but that. Unedited. Raw. Me. Revealed <3

Are you ready for Angela’s rawness?  Here’s an excerpt of a personal post that we really like:

I love so hard when I love a man. Dear man whoever you are out there. Wherever you are I love you. For I’m your future wife, and I want to marry you. I want to fulfill what it is that you need from a wife. I’d never cheat on you, id never make you feel uncomfortable. Well at least id try my hardest.
I know there’s no such thing as perfection but for you i want to be that.. I want to be that perfect wife. Hopefully one day ill fill those shoes.
Gents, take her seriously.  We know our girl don’t mess around with her feelings.  And Pastryheads, in case you haven’t heard of it, go to Angela Simmons’ personal blog: to experience the other side of Angela Simmons!
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